Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Released Nokia X7 with Great Entertainment

Released Nokia X7 with Great  Entertainment- Really Really Great Entertainment..Wew, I have bought Nokia X7 yesterday by my sister in London. I think its really great smartphones. Nokia X7 First hands on with Video with great features. I ever posted that nokia X7 stopped release in some months ago. Here is article news from forum nokia :

Today Nokia launches the widely anticipated Nokia X7, its first 4-inch entertainment smartphone. Made from toughened glass and seamless stainless steel, it offers a unique and durable design that will stand out from the crowd. Offering all the benefits of the latest Symbian operating system, Symbian Anna, it’s a fast and fluid experience from browsing the web to scrolling through your music collection. Read on for the details.

The 4-inch, capacitive AMOLED display offers 16 million colours and a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels. And it’s made of tough glass, so it won’t shatter if you lose control during a drive around Asphalt 5 HD.
This device is purpose-built for entertainment and that includes the media you create yourself. The 8-megapixel full focus camera also offers 720p video recording and comes with a dual LED flash. The Nokia X7 comes with 8GB memory card pre-installed, with up to 350MB built-in operating memory. It can support MicroSD cards up to 32GB.

The device measures 119.7 x 62.8 x 11.9mm (thinner at the edges) and weighs 146g. It offers Pentaband 2G/3G network connectivity and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi support. It offers a 3.5mm audio connector for headphones.

The 1200mAH battery is rated for up to 450 hours standby and 4.5 hours talktime on a 3G network – longer over GSM.

As you would expect, the Nokia X7 comes with free walk-and-drive navigation through the latest Ovi Maps. There’s messaging through Nokia Email and you can connect to Facebook, Twitter and RenRen (in China) using Nokia Social. It comes with Galaxy on Fire HD and Asphalt 5 HD preinstalled. And there’s thousands more great games and apps on Ovi Store.
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The Nokia X7 will be available in Q2 2011 and, before taxes and operator subsidies, it will cost €380.

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Nokia X7 first hands-on updated with video

Here is original articel from engadget:

The Nokia X7, everybody! Like the E7, this is a 4-inch AMOLED handset with an 8 megapixel EDoF camera, though unlike its more buttoned-down business-oriented sibling, this is an entertainment handset through and through. Check it out in pictures below and we'll bring you more impressions of it and the new Symbian "Anna" UI very shortly. Video forthcoming too!

Update: Video now embedded after the break. We can't yet speak of the improvements Nokia has made on the browser front, but its long overdue inclusion of a virtual portrait QWERTY keyboard is much appreciated, as is the real-time home screen scrolling. It's still not as smooth as you'd see on other devices that have been doing it for a while, but it's preferable to what we had in the older Symbian iteration.

Physically, the X7 is a pleasure to hold and to handle, a hallmark of Nokia construction, but we must once again protest at the so-called nHD resolution of 640 x 360 on this device. It's justified by the need to keep consistency with the company's existing ecosystem, but it's a step behind the cutting edge. At least it's composed of the delectable AMOLED stuff that Nokia's been using lately, and colors and images look positively delicious, if a little pixel-light. Stereo speakers at the bottom and a generally svelte profile make it an appealing little pocket rocket for multimedia, but bear in mind it comes with a 680MHz processor, so it can record and play back 720p video, but may be challenged by more intensive tasks.

You can watch video and pict there. 

Easiest Hack your all Symbian Phone

Easiest Hack your  all Symbian Phone - Two days ago when I travelled to Bali, my friends told me how to hack symbian, off course hack all symbian types. Oh my good, I think its dangerous if you not done carefully. And I searched on internet how to do it. Okay I will share to you how to hack all symbian with easiest method for hacking all Symbian phones.

Root Certificate Hack
Author: stas686
CertHack.sis made by CODeRUS, but all respect please to stas686!

Download archive - http://jimmz.narod.ru/CertHack.zip or https://sites.google.com/site/icoderus/CertHack.zip
Step by step how to hack your symbian all types;

1. Install CertUpdater.sisx
2. Sign CertHack.sis using your own Devcert
3. Install signed CertHack twice ,  phone now hacked.

You can sign and install any package using Leftup certificate (see Leftup.zip folder).

Its easy to hack your symbian phone, isn't? but be carefully.

App for Nokia N8, Soundtrckr v1.3

httIts too long to not update my blog, hmmm, but I am really surprise that my alexa blog is increasing day by day. thanks alexa!

Okay back to topic, Yesterday I tried the app from nokia store, named Soundtrckr, the first Geosocial Internet Radio, is updated to version 1.3 for our Nokia N8 or any other Symbian^3 device. This new version has new features, as Instant and predictive search, and bug fixes. This app have tried by me at nokia N8.

Features of Soundtrckr :

  1. Listen to more than 8 million fully licensed songs – any artist, any genre, anytime
  2. Create and share personal radio stations
  3. Play music with friends in real time
  4. Search your city for popular music and people with similar taste
  5. Share your favorite stations on social networks

Changelog v1.3 Soundtrckr:

  1. Instant and predictive search on Soundtrckr catalogue of 1M artis
  2. Faster station creation process
  3. First song for any existing station will come from the artist the station has been created with
  4. T-Mobile USA and Orange UK sign-in fix
  5. Performance and other bug fixes

How to install Soundtrckr: Download the .zip file to your PC and extract the .jar and .jad files to a folder on your PC.
  • Transfer both the .jar and .jad files to your mobile device over Bluetooth or USB.
  • On your mobile device browse to the location where you saved the .jad and .jar files.
  •  Install the application by selecting the .jar file.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Angry Birds Rio for Symbian^3 (Video) Released

Angry Birds Rio comes with Symbian^3 (Video)- Nokia Smartphones. Hello Guys ! Do you remember my last posted about release date free angry birds game on April ? Okay now I will tell you that this game has released. Angry Birds Rio is here to Symbian^3 phones and it’s offered at Ovi Store for 2 Euros.  Actually when the official date of release was 8th April, the game continues to be noticed on the Ovi Store and several folks have currently downloaded angry birds rio.  There is usually reviews of a few people that the game continues to be out of stock for them.

You can check the video about Angry Birds Rio for Symbian^ 3. You can download Angry Birds Rio game at ovi store.