Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easiest Hack your all Symbian Phone

Easiest Hack your  all Symbian Phone - Two days ago when I travelled to Bali, my friends told me how to hack symbian, off course hack all symbian types. Oh my good, I think its dangerous if you not done carefully. And I searched on internet how to do it. Okay I will share to you how to hack all symbian with easiest method for hacking all Symbian phones.

Root Certificate Hack
Author: stas686
CertHack.sis made by CODeRUS, but all respect please to stas686!

Download archive - http://jimmz.narod.ru/CertHack.zip or https://sites.google.com/site/icoderus/CertHack.zip
Step by step how to hack your symbian all types;

1. Install CertUpdater.sisx
2. Sign CertHack.sis using your own Devcert
3. Install signed CertHack twice ,  phone now hacked.

You can sign and install any package using Leftup certificate (see Leftup.zip folder).

Its easy to hack your symbian phone, isn't? but be carefully.

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