Thursday, January 27, 2011

Download and Istall Applications Nokia Ovia Store

Just like any other mobile phone, Nokia also has an applications store for its multimedia phones. Yes, you guessed it right, we’re talking about Ovi Store from Nokia. The application database is superb and one will find one or the other application to suit his needs.  It is really easy to download appliacations from the ovi store, whether you are using your nokia phone or your computer. All your downloaded apps are saved in the my stuff section in the nokia ovi store, so you can install applications again once you have paid for them, just in case you wipe your phone or get a new Nokia device.

How to Download and Install applications from your  nokia phone

You should already have the Ovi Store application on your phone, allowing you to head straight to the store, but if not you can go to the mobile site, just type your phone’s browser. The Ovi  Store will automatically detect which phone you have and show the applications that are available for your device. Once you have fired up the Ovi Store, you can either browse through the available applications or select the search option to get a specific application in the store.

Once you have found the application you want to download, simply tap on the icon and you will be able to view the information about the application, in addition to screenshots, a rating, and user feedback. To Download the application, you have to sign into your Ovi account. Tap on the download link to be taken to the confirmation page and click “agree” to download application.

How to Download and Install applications fron Your Computer

To download apps from your notebook or PC, just go to http://store.ovi.vom on your computer’s browser and search available applications. From the application’s information screen, you can select to send it to your mobile phone. You have to log in, so use your Ovi account or sign up for one if you haven’t already done so.  A text message including a download link will the to be sent to your mobile phone. Click on the link downloadand the application will start to downloading. Select “yes” or “continue” and the application will automatically install on your nokia smartphones. Once its installed, just head to the applications folder on your phone to launch the application.

Ovi Store can be accessed from almost any Nokia phone by just going to on the phone's web browser, but sure phones also have an Ovi Store application available which lets you use Ovi Store much more easily.

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