Thursday, March 3, 2011

Developing Your Own Apps for Java-Based Devices

Developing Your Own Apps for Java-Based Devices- Nokia Smartphones, nokia applications have traditionally been based on Java, allowing them to be used on more than a billion devices around the world. Developing with nokia allows you to develop cross-platform applications, using a number of different APIs.
To begin developing for nokia, you are going to have to be using a windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 computer with a 2.6GHz intel Pentium 4 Processor or better. You’ll also need at least 2GB of free disk space or more if you plan to install multiple SDKs.

Once you have the equipment, you will need to download some tools from Nokia. You can either choose to develop using NetBeans Java or Eclipse Pulsar. Both are Java integrated Development Environments that can be combined with SDKs to build,test, package and deploy Nokia applications to the Ovi Store. Okay now you will need to download the Java SE Development Kit from to use either IDE. Now You need to decided which platform you want to develop for and which platform versions you want to support. 

You should choose the earliest version you want to support, rather than the latest, to ensure that it will work as many devices as possible. For example, if you want to build an application that works with the latest version of series 40, you will need to use the 4th edition SDK to make certain that your app will work on series 40 4th,4th,6th editions.

After installing the developer tools, you will have to configure either Netbeans or eclipse pulsar to work with the SDK tools. When using Netbeans, in the tools menu click plugins. In the plugins dialog, click the installed tab, select JAVA ME and click Activate. In the Netbeans IDE Installer dialog, click activate. Once the plug-in has been activated, click finish, and close the plugins dialog.

To add the SDK to netbeans, select Java platforms in the tools menu, then click add java platform manager dialog. The add Java platform dialog box will then appear. Now select Java ME MIDP platform Emulator, as shown above and click next. 

Developing You Application

When the SDK has configured, create a new project using the new project wizard to ensure you have all the correct platform settings in place. When creating your project, ensure create Hello MIDlet is ticked if you want to apply Netbeans visual designers for application flow and screen layouts.

The first step in coding your apps to build the application’s flow using the flow designer in the netbeans editor. You can drag elements into flow design from displayables > palette. Commands and flow items can be added to the displayables by dragging them from the palette.Next you need to build your user interface. You can drag components from the palette into the device screen area of editor.

After you have produced the UI and flow, you can modify the java code to implement app-specific logic using the source tab. To build your app, select build main project from the run menu.netbeans will now build the project.Once its finished, the project can be run in an emulator. Press F6, or select run main project from the run menu. You can now test your app on nokia test device, you will need nokia ovi suite installed on your computer.

Launch Ovi Suit and connect your device. Deploy the application to your nokia device by clicking properties on the project’s shortcut menu. Select deploying from the category list at the left dialog. Now select nokia terminal connected via PC suite as the method and save the properties by clicking OK. Click Deploy on the project’s shortcut menu and the app will be sent to the connected device. When the file is received on your Nokia smartphone, select it to install. When it’s done so, run the app to ensure its runs OK. You can find a range of sample code at if you are not too confident at Java coding and need some guidance.

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