Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Download Spherix Game for Nokia X6

Download Spherix Game for Nokia X6 - Nokia Smartphones, Spherix can be a ball revolving Ovi Store game powered from the motion sensors of suitable Nokia handsets. Gamers should manual a shiny sphere to the end of each and every level while gathering as numerous shiny coins as possible. Is it any good? Find out in our Spherix review.

What separates Spherix from many other games available on the Nokia Ovi Store is that it makes complete use of the motion sensor, or accelerometer present in numerous Nokia smartphones to regulate the ball which you guide around in Spherix. That means when you tilt your phone (we performed Spherix using a Nokia X6) off to the right, the ball on-screen will veer within the direction, etc.

The controls work, but on comparison to the comparable Ovi Store games Marble Maze Classic and Marble Maze Speed, Spherix is much slower, along with a little less enjoyable compared to either.The handles work as they're meant to, but you’re needed to tilt your handset a little too much for the liking. Tilting forward, Spherix almost forces you to definitely take up a cross-eyed expression when playing. It’s not so cozy. Even tilting left and eight has it’s issues. You'll look silly playing Spherix.

The levels themselves do a great job of providing difficult. After a little persistence, navigating them isn’t too difficult, but try to grab all of the coins and the trouble ramps up further. More than 100 levels of ball tilting levels indicates you’ll make sure to get plenty using this game. Spherix can be a good Ovi Store game that's well worth obtaining. In case you’ve received a data connection, get the free version. It's ads, but you are quickly skipped, and don’t hinder the in-game action. Download Spherix Game for Nokia X6 Free here.

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