Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nokia Find and Connect coming in 2011

Nokia Find and Connect coming in 2011- Nokia Smartphones, Quite simply, should you have had this technology, hide and seek might become a lot simpler. Nokia Find & Connect, a good app that uses social and bodily interactions in an interior environment, is being developed by the Nokia Research Centre, Beijing, as well as permits you to view the exact place of you and your connections.

Alvin Chin, senior investigator at the NRC Beijing, showcased the actual Find & Connect technologies at SXSW in Austin texas demoing how it operates in the most effective way - the treasure hunt!

Creating hints as you go along, we questioned a few plucky participants in order to navigate their method through Find & Link trying to find code that have been symbolized by the red-colored dots you can see in the picture above.

Getting Find & Connect activated in your phone signifies that anywhere you go within the relevant closeness, your red us dot will follow you spherical, allowing it to be all but unattainable lost!

The technologies is currently in the research stage, but as the treasure hunters discovered, Find and Connect can be utilized for a web host of situations. For example, at a busy occasion or conference, you'd be informed of of any connections you know and then have the ability to track their exact place.

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  1. well I hope that your X7 will never break down, as when it does Nokia gives you a replacement "dumb phone" that does not email, browse or keep your diary. That's what happended to me when Y N97 broke down after 8 months.Buy an Adroid, Blackberry or Iphone. at least they give service....