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5 Questions Frequently Asked About Symbian as Mobile OS

Mobile Phone  users must have often heard about Symbian, S60 and also S40. We always heard about many questions about Symbian, S60 and S40. Some say that the S60 and S40 is Symbian. But there is also another opinion. So, what is the actual symbian, S60 and S40 it? Here are some questions that often asked in nokia mobile phone forums:

1. What is Symbian?

Before talking about symbian, it's good to know beforehand about the operating system.  All modern computing devices must be running an Operating System. In a simple operating system is the interface between the hardware (hardware) with other software (software). The operating system consists of basic instruction necessary to interact with the hardware.  Symbian OS is a proprietary operating system developed by Symbian Ltd. It's designed for use with mobile phones.

Symbian is the latest version of Symbian OS v9.5s. Today, most mobile phones use the Symbian OS v6.1s, v7.0s, RV 47 75, v8.OS, v9.1s and now Symbian version 9.4. For your information, Nokia Nseries on average using the Symbian OS v9.1s, except the Nokia N95 which uses the Symbian OS v9.2s.

Symbian is an operating system that is used in almost all the nokia smartphones. Besides Nokia, other mobile manufacturers like Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG also runs Symbian at some of their products. While the S60 or Series 60 is also called, is a software platform or interface used by Symbian.  Currently, the latest version of Symbian is a Symbian version 9.4. While the latest version of the S60 is the S60 5th Edition which is often shortened to s60v5.

2. What is the S60 Web Browser?

S60 Web browser is a browser that was developed on phones that run Symbian S60. Unlike a few  other mobile phone browsers which reformat pages to a suitable width for small mobile phone screens, Nokia's web browser admits the user to look a thumbnail image of the completely web page which they call "mini maps" and allows users to zoom into the areas they want to read.

3. Are all Symbian phones made by Nokia?

You know that Nokia has been a leader in The Mobile OS space for some time. You can see nokia story timeline before. Nokia is the largest producer of Symbian phones, but Nokia is not the only mobile phone maker Symbian. Other mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Symbian also produce Symbian phones.

4. Does all Nokia phones running the Symbian?

Absolutely no. The latest Nokia phones Nokia N900 runs Maemo, a Linux-based operating system. Lower-class Nokia phone running the operating system that is simpler ISAs. Phones that run the ISA to use interface called Series 40. The phone is usually referred to as Series 40 mobile phone.  Some people sometimes argue that the Series 40 has to do with Symbian, but it was not the case.

5. Who maker Symbian?

Symbian was originally known as EPOC, developed by British company called Psion. Psion is one of the founders of Symbian Company, a company that develops Symbian OS. But a few years later, Psion sold their shares.  Symbian Company itself was founded in 1998 that was originally jointly owned by Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Motorola.

In 2008, Nokia acquired all shares of Symbian Company. Nokia later changed its name to the Symbian Foundation, which aims to make Symbian as an open source operating system in 2010.

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