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The Nokia Story Timeline and Facts You Need to Know

You might think Nokia  is a company built for the purpose of factory or industrial business. For your information, Nokia originated from the name of a community that lives in rivers Emakoski in Southern Finland. Back in 1865, Fredik Idestam set up papper mill in Tampere, Finland, and starts manufacturing paper. Three years later, he builds a second mill in the town of Nokia, nine miles away. History Nokia found by Fredrik Idestam for pulp milling machine company in 1865. Later developed into a machine pulp and paper maker in 1920 and is a leading paper manufacturer in Europe. The 1950's chief executive officer (CEO) Björn Westerlund predict, future growth in some sectors (pulp and paper) will be limited and instead built an electronics division in Helsinki cable factory.

Over 15 years of electronics experience Nokia probation from a variety of errors. However, from all the mistakes and experiments, it gradually awakened substantial skills of a talented group of experts. In the 1970s Nokia and Salora television manufacturers joined forces to develop mobile phones (mobile phones). And the 1980's all integrated into Nokia Salora. At the same time Nokia obtained a telephone network operation from the Government Telecommunications Company Televa. However, not all efforts made Nokia the leading mobile phone manufacturers in the world to walk a success. In the 1980s the company bought German television manufacturer, SEL, but was forced to leave because they do not go smoothly.

In early 1981, Nokia had launched a product called Nordic Mobile Telephony (NMT). NMT is the first multinational cellular network in the world. Therefore, throughout the 1980s NMT was introduced to several countries and received overwhelming response.

In the early 1990s, Nokia had a crisis but the fresh CEO (chief executive officer), Jorma Ollila, determined to focus on mobile phones and telephone networks. As a result, the first GSM phone in the world emerged in Finland in 1991. Then began a global cellular phone market is growing very rapidly in the mid-1990s and Nokia to be number one.

Now as many as 2100 series Nokia phone to gain success. Sales target of 500 thousand units were achieved in 1994. With a workforce of 54 thousand people, Nokia products sold in 130 countries. Now maybe everyone knows cell phones are easy to operate is NOKIA, because that's the motto Nokia.
Here is completely timelines of some of the key milestones in Nokia’s history :
1865: The birth of Nokia
Mining engineer Fredik Idestam establishes a pulp mill in Tampere and starts manufacturing paper. Three years later, he builds a second mill in the town of Nokia, nine miles away.
1898: Finnish Rubber Works founded
Eduard Polon founds Finnish Rubber Works which will after that to be Nokia's rubber business.
1912: Finnish Cable Works founded
In this yar, Arvid Wickström begins Finnish Cable Works, the foundation of Nokia's cable and electronics businesses.
1937: Verner Weckman, industry heavyweight
In this year, former Olympic wrestler Verner Weckman come into existence President of Finnish Cable Works.
1960: First electronics department
Cable Works establishes its first electronics department, selling and operating computers.
1962: First in-house electrical device
The Cable Works electronics department produces its first in-house electrical device - a pulse analyzer for nuclear power plants.
1967: The merger
Nokia Ab, Finnish Rubber Works and Finnish Cable works formally merge to create Nokia Corporation.
1981: The first International mobile phone network is born, courtesy on Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT).
1982: Nokia Develops the DX200, its first digital phone switch.
1984: The portable Mobira Talkman arrives.
1991: The first ever GSM call is made, during which Nokia kit is used.
1992: In addition to unveiling the first truly portable GSM phone in the form off the Nokia 1011, the Nokia 6050 car phone also makes its debut.
1994: Who can forget the iconic Nokia Ringtone? In 1994, we first heard what the Gran Vals to offer thanks to the Nokia 2110. In the same year, Nokia also unveiled the 2100 series, which was the first mobile to serve up SMS, data and tax functionality.
1997: The Nokia 6110 come, featuring Snake.
1998: Nokia crowned the world’s leader when it comes to mobile phones.
1999: Remember the Internet before it got actually good? That was WAP. It made its debut on the Nokia 7110.
2002: The Nokia 6650 ( Nokia’s first 3G phone) is launched.
2003: Nokia takes the mobile gaming experience to the next level by launching the N-Gage, with multiplayer functionally.
2005: The Nokia Nseries is born
Nokia introduces the next generation of multimedia devices, the Nokia Nseries. Nokia also sells its billionth handset. Nokia sells its billionth phone – a Nokia 1100 – in Nigeria. Global mobile phone subscriptions pass 2 billion.
2006: A new President and CEO
Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo becomes Nokia’s President and CEO; Jorma Ollila becomes Chairman of Nokia’s board. Nokia and Siemens announce plans for Nokia Siemens Networks.
2007: Nokia recognized as 5th most valued brand in the world. Nokia Siemens Networks commences operations. Nokia launches Ovi, its new internet services brand. The much-loved Nokia N95 arrives on the scene.
2008: Nokia's three mobile device business groups and the supporting horizontal groups are replaced by an integrated business segment, Devices & Services. In this year, Nokia launches the QWERTY keyboard-sporting Nokia E71, hitting BlackBerry where it hurts.
2009: The Nokia 5800, Nokia’s first commercial/ mass market touch phone is provided with unlimited music in select markets.
2010: Nokia N8 is released, running the much-anticipated Symbian^3 OS. Nokia and Intel also partner on MeeGo.
2011 – Future : Nokia’s first MeeGo-touting smarthpone will arrive on the scene.

After read a timeline Nokia’s history, we can imagine that its amazing. So now, modern-day mobiles are more sophisticated than researchers could have dreamt back then and are getting smaller and smarter every year. And Nokia is the better smartphone forever.

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