Friday, January 28, 2011

How to Edit Photos on A Nokia Smartphone

I am certain that you already know how to take a picture using nokia smartphones. However, your mobile phone also admits you to edit images that you’ve saved to your phone. To editing options on Nokia handsets allow you to improve your photos on the devices without spending software on your computer. Okay now let me show you how to edit an photo/ image on your Nokia mobile phone. So check this out:

Editing  photos in Nokia N8

Using the Nokia N8, you can add clipart, photo-editing function, you can crop your pictures, adjust colour and change  the brightness, shapness, and colour saturation of your images, all on the device.

Cropping Photos

To crop a photo, simply, just select the crop/ edit option from the menu and a box will appear over your photo. You are able to drag the corners of the box into position, making it larger or smaller. Tap OK and your photo will be cropped to size. Whenever you choose you don/t want to crop the photo after all, just tap CANCEL and the crop box will disappear.

Adding Clipart

Choose the add clipart option from the editing menu and then one of the images from the selection. This will drop the clipart into the centre of the screen.  You can move the image arounf your phot, resize it by dragging one of the corners and rotate the clipart by tapping on the rotate icon above the image. Whenever you want to make a stamp effect and copy and paste the clipart image, you can select the stamp tool from the toolbar at the buttom of the Clipart screen. Okay, after that tap OK when your clipart is positioned where it to be.

Adjusting Colour Balance, Exposure, Sharpness and Noise

To adding fun effects to your photos, you can also improve the quality of them within photo editor. Select the tools icon and after that Tuning. Here you will see another set of of icons along the bottom. Tap on any of these and apply the sliders to change the colour balance, exposure, sharpness and noise. If you want to get a preview of what the photograph will look after you have adjusted it, tap the second icon along the buttom what the photos looks like before adjustments and the buttom half showing what it will look like after you have made your changes.

Fun Effects

You can add speech bubbles, animations, a fun frame and many other special effects from the menu. To add a speech bubble, just select the icon and enter text using Qwerty keyboard. Drag the bubble around into the position and resize it using the corners of the bo, just as you’d when using clipart. You can also rotate the speech bubble to the suit photo. There are a number of fun frames you can add, including brightly coloured ones and novelty borders, plus animations.

For the editing photos, I use Nokia N8 for example. Take a look at our step-by-step video to find out how to get the most out of your pictures.

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