Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to Edit Videos on a Nokia Phone

A few hours ago, I have posted about how to edit photos on a nokia phone. Now, we show you how to edit videos using the Nokia N8's Video Editor. Yes, I use Nokia N8 for the video tutorial.

The Nokia N8 features a cool impressive HD video camera and an on-device video editor so you can create masterpieces in minutes. The Nokia n8’s on-board video editor allows you to make basic changes to your videos, including putting together clips and adding titles and transitions to your video a timeline format, in similar way to iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

Symbian^3 OS brings an excellent capable video editor that allows you to edit HD video right on the mobile phone. You can also edit individual sections of the video to add interesting effects.

Making a Video

You can add videos and photos to a timeline by selecting the video editor and electing to make a movie. Select the media you want to add to the storyboard, which can be both photos and videos. It will then appear in your storyboard.

Adding Transitions

Between each of the clips, a transition marker of a blue prohibited icon on a white background will appear. You are able to select from a range of transition effects including swipe and dissolve, and use one to each clip. To preview any of the effects in the real time, tap on the transition position.

Cutting and Trimming

Choose a section and the cut and trim icon. Drag the two markers until the part of the clip you want to keep is selected. Tap OK and the clip will be trimmed.

Adding Transition Titles

You are able to add transition titles to your storyboard by tapping the abc icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the “ Add Text Here” timeline clip using the Qwerty keyboard. You can adjust the color, position and size of the text using the options at the bottom of the screen.

So let's know your Nokia Smartphones by see a video that reveals how to edit videos on the Nokia N8. Enjoy !

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