Monday, January 24, 2011

Nokia Symbian^3 Operating System- Main Applications and Features

The new Symbian^3 or named Symbian 3 OS upgrade is coming out excellent  features-wise.  So Let me share the big improvements that’s coming with this Symbian^3 release. I hope it can make  a great source discussion until waiting the upcoming release of Symbian^4 in 2011. This is the symbian we have all been waiting for.

Showcased perfectly on the stunning handsetthat is the Nokia N8, Symbian^3 marks the second open version of the symbian platform. It builds on the solid foundation created by an earlier Symbian version. 
Data performance lies at the heart od Symbian^3, as does HDMI support for exquisite TV playback  (N8 and E7 only)- an essential feature in an increasingly HD-focused world. Completed in September 2010, Symbian^3 promise to deliver us an unparalleled experience. Whenever you have loved Symbian up until now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

More than 250 new features are on offer, including:
  1. The ability to personalize multiple home screens.The widget manager creates discovery and download of new widgets simple and support for multiple instances of a native widget means that userrs can monitor multiple weather forecasts, news feeds, social networking accounts or multiple email accounts simultaneously through a common interface. There are six slots on each screen, so you can have up to 18 widgets on the phone running simultaneously.  Overall, the homescreens are an improvement over the S60 version.
  2. Connection to up to 10 email accounts.
  3. Ease of navigation, with multiple touch functionality, allowing you to swipe, scroll,pinch, zoom, and tap to open, the apps, that matter you.
  4. HDMI to enable you to showcase your snaps and videos on the big screen. HDMI support enables users to plug their phone into a TV and watch a high-definition movie at 1080p quality without a Blu-ray player. 
  5. Enhanced multitasking facilities thanks to better memory management. More efficient memory management due to Writeable Data Paging allows more applications to run in parallel for a faster.
  6. Intelligent network management that puts the performance where you need it most.
  7. Ability to run across-platform apps based on the Qt development environment.
  8. Updated design of the music player.
  9. Better use of RAM – see above. Again this is a mere correction of mistakes.
I am most excited about Symbian 3’s 4G-readiness.  I think a lot of effort has been put in the Symbian^3 to optimize the code and its work speed.  You can compared to the fifth edition of Symbian the S60 platform, everything appears several times faster, which is a great advantage. In addition,  I am always waiting Symbian^4 in this year.

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