Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MeeGo- Intel Nokia Operating System

Yesterday I ever posted about Symbian S60 and also Symbian^3. Today, I wanna share about MeeGoo Nokia. There is a great deal of excitement around the MeeGo platform, which brings together the best the best two worlds: Moblin and Maemo. Yes, both are developing projects Linux-based operating system for mobile devices, and are now combined into one project MeeGo.  It also combines the experience and expertise of two of the technology industry’s biggest players: Intel and Nokia.

New generation of software based on Linux-MeeGo will have the ability to operate various electronic devices including laptops, TV sets and smartphones. With MeeGo, both companies intend to present a perfect ability to deal with another operating system. Taking the best bits of this marriage of innovation-announced at the mobile world congress event in February 200. MeeGo aims to build the technical foundations of what will shape how we use and consume next-generation devices and services. Its widely expected to make its debut in 2011, and will undoubtedly build on the excitement generated by the Nokia N8.

However, MeeGo’s potential does not just start and end with mobile phones. There is a wealth of other devices out there- A lot of which have not even been imagined yet- that could find themselves a great bedfellow for this platform. That’s whats so exciting about Meego, and why there’s so much developer and industry energy supporting it and willing it to succeed.

Much like the other key platforms already outlined here, MeeGo puts the users experience at the heart of its aims and ecosystem. Its features and benefits will include:
  1. High performance, large computational and graphics capabilities;
  2. Ease of use and a flexible user interface;
  3. Currently MeeGo integrated into notebooks, PDAs, smart phones, car infotainment devices. All of these hardware platforms, users impose general requirements in the field of communication, the provision of internet services, media opportunities;
  4. An unparalleled web experience thanks to support for the internet standars that matter;
  5. Qt-based app development environment;
  6. Open-source project mangament courtesy of the linux foundation;
  7. Broad support and linux software compatibility.
Special requirements MeeGo. Supported Platforms:
• Netbooks based on Intel Atom;
• Smartphones Nokia N900 architecture-based ARM;
• Side information razvlekatelnye system with a processor Intel Atom.

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