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Nokia vs The Smartphone World in the 2011 ?

The smartphone market's growth is impressive in the last year 2010. Smartphone usage around the world is set to explode. As customers crave more sophisticated devices that help enhance their lives, these technological marvels offer the ideal solution. Here are the top smartphone vendors that I got from many sources.

Top Smartphone Vendors  2011


Nokia Smartphones firmly maintained its position as the leading smartphone vendor worldwide during 1Q10. In addition,  many new models such as the C3, C6, and the E5. Nokia announced its first Symbian^3 model, the N8. The other Symbian^3 device  are expected to release in the fourth quarter of this year. Check about the MeeGo Intel Nokia OS. However, Nokia gives users what they want; it’s like competitors in the smartphone market.

Research In Motion / Blackberry

Kept its position as the number 2 smartphone vendor worldwide on continued growth of its popular BlackBerry devices. Traditionally a tool for business users, Blackberry’s parent company Research in Motion (RIM) has done much in recent years to extend its appeal to consumers too. Key to its success were its BlackBerry Curve 8520 and BlackBerry Bold 9700, as well as stronger users adoption. Handsets such as the Bold 9700, Storm, Storm2, have excited consumers and the latest blackberry OS and updated app catalogue are adding to the momentum.  Co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie recently unveiled the company's new BlackBerry OS 6.0, which promises a smoother and more interactive user interface. In the first quarter of 2010, RIM gained a spot in the top five of the vendor rankings, shipping 10.6 million units, according to figures from IDC research.

Apple iPhone

No smartphone comparison would be complete without mentioning the Apple iPhone. CEO Steve Jobs released the latest OS update, it has features such us enabling multi-tasking, folders, enhanced email, iBooks for consumers, and iAd. Since the first generation was announced, it has taken markets around the world by storm. A fourth generation iPhone is expected to arrive this summer. Version 4 provides true multitasking and folder management, among the key features and continues to win over users.

Windows Mobile

Rebranded as windows phone 7 with latest incarnation, what used to be windows mobile has undergone a makeover in both its name and its features set. A mobile OS that has traditionally divided user opinion, tweaks under the hood and proposed changes to supporting hardware specifications could mean that the next generation of windows devices gets more friends than ever. IDC is predicting big things for mobile windows Mobile in the future. A total of 18.13 million units running the OS were shipped in 2009, with 51.7 million expected to be shipped in 2013, representing a growth of 183 per cent.


HTC was the platform’s first staunch supporter, but the software soon gained other hardware fans in the form of LG and Motorola. Even google itself decided to enter the market with its Nexus One handset. In terms of the software, at the time of publication, all eyes were on the froyo 2.2 update, which boasts speed, performance and memory improvements, among the feature enhancements. The next installments are Gingerbread, due in late 2010 and Honeycomb in 2011.

So, how about competition between nokia versus the other smartphones in this year, 2011 ?? So let’s wait together.

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