Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to Check the Latest Version of Ovi Maps

How to check you have the latest version of Ovi Maps-Nokia Smartphones, its really important to know about the latest version of ovi maps on your nokia. Here, I will show you how to check the latest version of ovi maps, simply follow these steps:

Steps 1, Launch Maps
Select Maps from either your homescreen, main menu or applications folder. When prompted, select “Online” as your internet settings.

Steps 2, Update app
Maps will automatically detect if your version needs an update. Select “Now” (You can of course choose “Later” should you wish to defer the update.)

Steps 3, Confirm Update
You are taken to the “ Software update” screen to confirm the updates you would like. Ensure Maps in checked (Plus any other applications you may wish to update at the same time) and select the download button.

Steps 4, Download and install

The software update will automatically download and then install. Your version of ovi maps is now up to date.

Congrats! Now you can know the latest version of ovi maps on your nokia smartphone.

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