Saturday, February 19, 2011

Updating and Uploading Maps to Your Nokia Phone

Updating and Uploading Maps to Your Nokia Phone-Nokia Smartphones, now you can download maps for free using the nokia ovi suit. Getting new and updated maps is a doddle. Nokia Ovi Suit lets you download maps using your computer’s internet connection and they get transferred to your nokia phone quickly and easily.

If you want to know how to check the latest version of ovi maps, you can read it here. You can download the nokia ovi suit to your computer from This is likely to save quit a hefty bill in data charges, especially if you are abroad at the time. If Ovi Suit and Maps is new to you, just follow the instructions below to get mapping data you need.
  • Open Ovi Suit.
  • Choose Open Maps.
  • From the maps listed ( by region, then country) choose the one you want, then click download.
  • The map will download and you will see a progress bar. Its worth nothing that if you’re downloading a country map for the first time. Data will also downloaded relating to the cities in the same continent, which may slow the download down. Subsquent download will not take as long.
  • You can then transfer the map to the device-again, a progress bar will be shown.
These free maps are not just limited to PC users. If you are a Mac User, you can get the same quick and easy downloads, but you will need to use a slighty different tool: the nokia map loader. You can download it from

Nokia Map Loader does exactly what its name suggests. It’s a way of getting maps from your computer to your mobile easily, meaning less hassle for you and lower data cost, just like Ovi Suit.

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