Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to Setting Up and Saving Routes

How to setting up and saving routes- Nokia Smartphones, whether it’s daily commute you know in your sleep but still like to have on your device just in case or a whole new adventure to meet friends, having places and routes stored on your device and on ovi maps can be very useful indeed.

Saving these routes is easy. You simply preplan a route at, save it and it gets added to your favourite once you are signed in to your ovi account.You can synchronise your favourites stored at http://maps.ovi.vom with ovi maps on your nokia smartphone. Simply just open ovi maps, tap on the favourites and select synchronise. While out and about, you might also want to send place data to your friends or colleagues.

When you are viewing items on the map on your device, just click send. This could prove very handy if you happen to get lost somewhere and it’s down to your friends or colleagues to come and get you. As well as sharing your location with people using facebook, you can also share your loation via sms or email.

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