Monday, February 28, 2011

How to Manage Text Messages

How to Manage Text Messages- Nokia Smartphones, The world is split roughly into two camps: those who text and those who prefer not to text. If you are in the latter camp and constantly find yourself watching your phone waiting for the next text message to arrive, this section is for you. Your text inbox can quickly become a very busy place. It’s one thing to tire of the delete messages warning that shows you are just too popular, but quite another to have so many texts arriving that you forget which you’ve replied to and which you’ve ignored. 

The Nokia Ovi Suit makes it easy to read, send and manage your text messages. You can organize them into groups, filter texts and keep track of what you’ve read and what you haven’t quickly and easily. The later feature is particularly handy if you have more than one handset.

By connecting your device to your computer using the nokia ovi suit you can bring email like functionality to your text messaging activities, meaning you can compose and send texts, organize messages and delete the ones you no longer need, follow a particular conversation and unite messages from several handsets. Once you have connected to nokia ovi suit, to send a message you simply select create message, then add recipient. Click on close once you have got the recipients sorted, then type your message and click send. 

Smart Groups
This is quick and very handily way to organize your messages. You can sort them by contact, phone or date, and they are easy to set up:
  • Select add smart group in nokia ovi suit’s messaging view. Then name your new smart group.
  • Under the “match all of the following rules” drop down menu, select which messages should appear by creating rules.
  • To add another rule, simply select the”add rule” option. Such rules could included unread messages or those that have been received on a specific date or from a particular contact.
  • Managing smart groups is equally simple. To create another smart group using the same rules as another group, for example, simply click on the copy rules option and then click save.
  • Editing and deleting groups is controlled by the edit smart group and delete functions respectively, both of which are easy to use.
Filtering text messages
If you are very popular or busy and trying to find a specific text takes far more time than it should, you may find the filter function handy. You can filter across all your messages or drill down into messages from one of your smart groups. Once you have decided where you want to search, simply select what you would like to search in the filter messages box, for example, “holiday”. Much like a search engine like “google”, messages that include those worlds will then appear as results.

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