Monday, February 28, 2011

Nokia N950 Preparing This Year, Smartphone Based MeeGo

Nokia N950 Preparing This Year, Smartphone Based MeeGo-Nokia Smartphones, although already decided to partner with Microsoft and using Windows Phone 7 for next-generation smartphone, Nokia is rumored to still be setting up a device in 2011 based MeeGo this. Nokia also said to remain committed to Symbian, Qt, as well as S40-based devices.

Rich Green as Nokia CTO at Nokia Developer Day event to give a lengthy explanation on the Nokia platform now and future, including MeeGo. He said they are currently working hard to make the Nokia N950, N900 successor MeeGo-based device, which is said to have hardware that is very elegant and attractive interface.

Consider the following video:
Green assured the developers who attend that Nokia N950 has enough units to be developed. N950 seems to be intended more as a development platform rather than to general market users. This is not surprising considering MeeGo indeed been prepared to explore the long-term market.

Nokia's strategy is still based on the development of Qt for the Symbian and MeeGo, added further support for Java in S40. Symbian S40 platform itself will get a new browser Ovi which are expected to provide connectivity to hundreds of millions of users.

This news at least be a consolation disappointment MeeGo lovers because Nokia probably have to cancel the Nokia N9-called new device based MeeGo. Nokia did not even show the new device at MWC 2011 past events that seemed to indicate there is no new innovation in the largest mobile phone company in the world.

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