Sunday, February 27, 2011

Video Symbian ^ 3, Update and Insert Text Browser

Video Symbian ^ 3, Update and Insert Text Browser- Nokia Smartphones, although no longer be developed for a new smartphone, Symbian does not mean stop growing. This is evidenced by the existence of a video featuring updated plan Symbian ^ 3 with several new features such as text input and improving the ability of the browser for the Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01 and Nokia E7.

Typing with split-screen feature is one of Nokia user requests since the beginning. In an update this time this feature has been seen to work well although the keyboard looks less comfortable. However, this update will likely make users of the Nokia N8 happy.
Browser also has enhanced capabilities. These changes will be fun for a long time Nokia user, but it seems this feature seems to have available on other mobile browsers that is not something surprising.

From the video it is known to date firmware that is 25 February 2011. It is estimated that this is the latest revision so that its presence can be expected some time to come.

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