Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to Manage Your Photos and Videos

How to Manage Your Photos and Videos- Nokia Smartphones, a mobile phones become more and more sophisticated, it’s likely we will increasingly start ditching our digital compact cameras and instead just use the one included with our handset. Having a high-quality digital camera on your phone may be convenient, but it can also mean you take so many snaps you lose track of them all. Nokia Ovi Suit helps keep your photos organized so you can keep them in check.

It is easy to store, share, copy, organize, and download your photos and videos using the nokia ovi suit. As with all the other nokia ovi suit features we have talked about in this section, it’s easy to synchronise your pictures and videos manually or automatically:
  • In home view, select the photos option, and then click sync.
  • In the sync menu, opt for sync > sync now > photos.
  • In the photos view, click sync photos.
  • To sync automatically, head to Tools > Options > Device Sync > Photos > Sync Automatically every time you connect the device.
Creating a photo album using nokia ovi suit is also easy. This gives you the same experience virtually as you would flicking through a paper photo album with friends or family over a glass of wine. To get started, select Create album in photos menu, give the album a name and then drag and drop the pictures and videos you want into that album. Adding, Deleting, and renaming albums are also as easy.

You can allow others to view your albums using the share option. If you head to you can also invite people to comment on and download your albums.

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