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Nokia Mail For Exchange

Nokia Mail For Exchange User Guide- Nokia Smartphones, if you need to stay in touch with the world of work wherever you are, look no further than nokia mail for exchange. It is easy to adapt and activate and keeps you in constant touch with your email and messages, as well as contact and calendaring data, so you never have to worry about missing an important appointment or losing a vital document. 

Nokia Mail for Exchange Review

This solution puts the power of your organization’s Microsoft exchange accounts in the palm of the hands of its employees. By ensuring staff have access to the same data outside of the office as they would inside, you can be sure that they can be more responsive to customers’ needs and enquiries, as well as being able to work and share knowledge with colleagues and key business partners. 

Nokia Mail for Exchange includes:
  • Real time access to key communications data such as tasks, contacts, calendar data, and email (gmail).
  • The ability to set email with priority ratings.
  • Flagging, meeting request and conflict alerts.
  • Quick and simple search capabilities for contact details through global company directory and address list access.
  • Synchronization when roaming, including sub folders, drafts and sent items.
  • The ability to download and edit attachments.
  • Security policies for nokia Eseries devices (example nokia mail for exchange e71).
It all adds up for business

Nokia Mail for Exchange comes pre bundle on a wide range of nokia s60 smartphones, as well as being downloadable for other nokia smartphones. It offers a virtually seamless push email experience. Mail for Exchange uses the power of your company’s exis ting exchange environment, meaning you get all the benefits on your device and none of the IT department level complexities or additional costs. What’s more, the solution is compatible with a wide range of nokia’s business focused handsets. The equates to greater productivity and collaborative opportunities, with no added overheads of license fees and that surely makes good business sense.

Microsoft Communicator Mobile

Instant Messaging (IM) is big business, both in the consumer and corporate worlds. What started as a trend for keeping in touch with friends and family has now blossomed into a valuable and viable communications tool for many businesses. The application has 3 main components: Presence, IM and Contact List. The first does what the name suggests: it alerts you to whether your contacts are available, offline or in another status mode. IM allows you to get in touch with those contacts either on a one-to-one basis or in group. You can also have more than conversation at a time. Finally the contact list enables you to communicate with people in your address book quickly by seeing at a glance whether they are online or busy. Key features of the solution include: 
  • Incredibly easy setup with the same domain and username and password as your desktop/server.
  • Traffic light status indication so you can choose the right method of communication depending on whether your colleagues are busy or not.
  • The ability to modify your own presence status.
  • Similar interface and functionality to the desktop PC based Microsoft communicator.
  • The ability to fire up conversations directly from the contact list.
Security and Financial

With business a data flying backwards and forwards across the globe, it’s important to make sure security is top of the agenda. Microsoft communicator mobile needs the same authentication credentials as the desktop mode, meaning fewer password for users to remember and less likelihood of them down somewhere, which is far from secure. All communications sent between the server and mobile side are also encrypted, further boosting security.

IBM Lotus Notes Traveler

If your organization is not running Microsoft exchange, the lotus notes traveler application may be able to offer you the same type of corporate email, calendaring and contact synchronization as exchange. Version 8.5 and 8.5.1 of lotus notes traveler are cost-effective solutions that can be implemented by your organization’s lotus domino administrator. Version 8.5 features:
  • A way of wirelessy replicating email, calendar, contacts, to-do lists and journal entries.
  • The ability to create, reply to, reply to all, forward and delete emails on the move.
  • Accept/reject meeting requests with comments.
  • Key information such as email address, phone numbers and URLs are active links.
  • View server folders and sub folders in the device as well as managing folders too
Version 8.5.1 builds on these features and adds new ones such as:
  • Remote security management.
  • The ability to remotely wipe device content, manage passwords, and define security policies for individuals, groups, and organizations.
  • Touchscreen support for some nokia symbian handsets.
Finally I want to say that seamless access to your company’s email system using nokia mail for exchange means that your employees can harness the full power of email wherever they are.

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