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My Review Nokia E7 Communicator: Specifications, Price, and Features

My Review Nokia E7 Communicator: Specifications, Price, and Features- Nokia Smartphones, nokia officially released the latest Communicator, Nokia E7 type Communicator (Monday, 02/21/2011). In sales, Nokia E7 Communicator is sold with the price in Finland being 599 converted in the which is approx 670 euros. You can read the latest posted about nokia E7 release price. Many people around me talked that nokia E7 is most important nokia in 2011. I do not want to respond that arguments until I write a review. It was time to check out the review nokia E7 Communicator. 
In a closed condition, the design of the Nokia E7 looks similar to the Nokia N8, but rather greater stature and more weight. The screen can be shifted out by a hinge mechanism so it looks original form E7 Communicator. Looking like a mini PC, complete with wide screen and a qwerty keyboard buttons. Apart from design, material that lines the body E7 is also similar to the N8, the abrasive aluminum, plastic-coated side of the screen except glossy. Same with the N8, to enter the main menu pinned to the menu button just below the screen. Nokia N8 available with a choice of black, silver, blue and orange.

Nokia E7 Communicator Key Features
Same with N8, in E7 also has prepared an HDMI port (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is embedded in the upper body. This port allows connecting the N8 with HD TV. This makes video HD (High Definition, 720p), who played in the E7 still looks sharp on TV. E7 also supports the ability of the USB On The Go, which allows the N8 to read the USB stick. In the sales package included an HDMI cable is an USB On The Go (MicroUSB-USB). In contrast to the N8, Nokia E7 is not equipped with an external memory. So just rely on the internal memory of 16 GB. N8 only provide HDMI adapter cable, TV out cable to be purchased separately.

Have wide touch screen Nokia E7 measuring 4 inches, wider than the screen of the Nokia N8 3.5 inch. Technology E7 also be AMOLED screen, but the difference here is injected ClearBlack capability that is independently developed by Nokia. This makes the display still looks sharp and clear even though just under a scorching rays. E7 also still adopt Symbian^3 OS with 3 homescreen (no 3) which can be rubbed into the right / left to replace it. Each Homescreen provided 6 boxes to be filled widgets or shortcut. The touch screen is capacitive motion sensor is also inserted to autorotate

Camera Nokia E7 Communicator
Well-founded if Nokia E7 'only' include the camera 8 megapixels, compared to a 12 megapixel N8. Because more focus to the needs of offices, while the entertainment segment targeting N8. But at least still supported comprehensive features, such as Autofocus, Dual Flash, Quality, Location, Close Up, Landscape, Sport, Night, Face Detection, Self Timer, Color Tone, White Balance, Exposure, ISO, Contrast, Sharpness and Digital Zoom. Cameras at E7 was also able to produce HD video. Do not forget to provide Photo Editor and Video Editor to create video clips. Also provided VGA resolution secondary camera.

Nokia E7 Communicator
Communicator manifold, naturally equipped E7 features a complete office. Such as Quick Office full version, so do not just open office files (Word, Excel, Power Point), but also can edit and create new files. In addition, E7 also provides features Adobe PDF Reader, Dictionary and Zip. There is also a World Traveler feature that can be a guide for those who frequently travel to cities or other countries. Plus features of F-Secure Anti-Theft for me E7-lock from a distance just by SMS, or if the sim card replaced. via the USB cable On the Go E7 can also be connected to a projector to make presentations.

Nokia E7 Communicator
Nokia and Microsoft recently agreed to collaborate to a more serious level. But long before the existing artificial features adopted Microsoft Nokia. Like the Mail for Exchange to access your corporate email. There is also a Microsoft Communicator Mobile, to chat only with other friends work together, with the same email account. Another feature that is Microsoft Share Point, which is a service that allows inter friends work together to share information (documents, presentations, etc.) via the web via an intranet network. To get into the office intranet, it should support Virtual Private Network (VPN). In E7 VPN feature already built in.

Nokia E7 Communicator
Nokia E7 was able to walk in the path of your Internet access up to speed HSDPA (10.2 Mbps) and HSUPA (2 Mbps). As an alternative to WiFi access is also provided. With the help of JoikuSpot application (download at Ovi Store), Nokia E7 can be transformed into hotspot WiFi. So access HSDPA / HSUPA captured can be used by some other device. Browsers can work a maximum at E7, such as supports Flash and can open multiple sites at once. In addition to access work email, can also access a free email account (YahooMail, Gmail, etc.) via Nokia Messaging feature. Nokia Messaging also provides push email.

Social Networking
Nokia E7 Communicator
Same with some types of the latest Nokia, E7 also serving the applications 'Social Networking'. This application serves to unite multiple social networking services like Facebook and Twitter. Status on Facebook and Twitter friends gathered in one view. You can also make one status to Facebook and Twitter all at once. To use the 'Social Networking' should log in with your Ovi account, then logs in to Facebook and Twitter. Features 'Event' on up synchronized with the Calendar in E7. Also features 'Profile' and 'Status' on up with Contact in N8. Using Facebook and Twitter widget, then updates the status can be displayed on the front screen.

Web TV
Nokia E7 Communicator
Supports fast internet access and equipped with wide screen and sharp, making Nokia confidence provide WebTV feature. Here can access streaming TV channels, like CNN, National Geographic, Movie Treasures and others. To be able to get another TV program broadcast, can be found on Ovi Store. Even Nokia Indonesia also will deliver local broadcast TV. In addition, E7 also provides application launcher YouTube.

Nokia E7 Communicator
Nokia E7 also has embedded GPS receiver which of course was accompanied by Ovi Maps. This digital map application can display a map of more than 70 countries. Some of the amenities that accompany among others: My Position (location to be), Search (search for specific locations), share location (give out the location, could be via Facebook) and Favorite (save your favorite locations). Also included is a complete road route designation facilities with voice guidance facility (Read how to setting up and saving routes). Need access to the internet to access Ovi Maps. Ovi Maps is capable of displaying 3-dimensional image.

Nokia E7 Communicator
Dolby Digital Plus Surround technology on the N8, it did not stop at E7. But once the sound track out of the speakers still sounded loud and clear. Can also listen via bluetooth A2DP headset.Nokia E7 Communicator come with Music service to be able to download more than 6 million songs. Music Player features Shuffle, Repeat, Equalizer, Balance, Loudness and Stereo Widening. Also provided the FM Radio feature which still need to plug in a headset to be able to activate it. Jack 3.5 mm hole for the headset is placed in the upper body, adjacent to the On / Off, Port MicroUSB and HDMI port.

Nokia E7 Communicator Specifications  
Dimensions: 123.7 x 62.4 x 13.6 mm; Weight: 176 grams; Operating System: Symbian ^ 3; Network: GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz); screen: capacitive touchscreen AMOLED 3.5 inch 16.7 million color, 640x360 pixels; Internal Memory: 16 GB; External Memory: none; Internet: GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA (10.2 Mbps), HSUPA (2 Mbps), WiFi, Connection: Bluetooth, micro USB data cable, HDMI; Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email, instant messaging, Camera: 8 Megapixels, Autofocus, Dual Flash, Night mode, Digital Zoom, Close up / macro, Geo tagging, Panorama, Sport, Brightness, Effects, Quality, ISO, Self Timer, Sharpness, Contrast, Face Detection, Photo Editor; Secondary Camera: VGA (640 x 480 pixels); Video rercorder: HD 720p HD video; Other Features: MPEG4, H.264, Flash player, mp3, AAC, eAAC, eAAC +, WMA , AMR Player, Equalizer, Shuffle, Play List, Stereo Widening, Jack Port 3.5 mm, Fm radio, File Manager, Alarm Clock, Calendar, Voice recorder, Calculator, Notes, Ovi Maps, Quick Office, You Tube, FM Transmitter , GPS, Dictionary; Battery: Litihum Ion 1200 mAh.

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