Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to Set Up Push Email on Your Nokia Phone

Yesterday I was searching internet to visit nokia forum. In there I have seen comments on various ask about the Nokia N8 and push email and want to make sure you have the correct information.  Today I want to share about push email service from nokia smartphones.

Nokia’s Messaging email application allows you to set up a wide range of web based and exchange accounts on your nokia phone. It’s easy to set up with the help of the installed wizard. To set up your email, first head to email application within the application folder. A pop up window should appear asking if you want to set up a new account, but if it doesn’t, select New.

Here you are able to select from a number of preset services. There are the most popular email services, but you can set up any email addressing the other option. Choose your email service, or select other, and enter your email address and password when requested.

You may need to enter your server address, which you can obtain from your email provide. You can also set up your exchange email using the Nokia Mail for Exchange (MIE) service. Okay maybe next time I will post about Nokia Mail for Exchange completely..

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