Monday, January 31, 2011

How to Set Up Ovi Mail on Nokia Phone

Ovi Mail is free to set-up straight out of the box and comes with spam filters to block unwanted emails. You can set up ovi mail whether you are using a computer on your phone. First, you can select Menu, after that from the application folder select the mail icon to set up your  Ovi Mail. Select New and then the Ovi Mail icon to proceed with the new account creation.

After that, you are able to select your new Ovi email address. If you chosen email address is not available, the application will give you a number of alternative options. Okay next, make a password containing at least 6 caharacters. We suggest you choose one containing both numbers and d letters for security. Enter your Nokia phone number, followed by Next, and your ovi email address will be set up.

Now you can access your Ovi Mail account on your phone. Simply just Tap Sign in and enter your username and password. Select Next when prompted and your Ovi email address is ready for you to use on your nokia smartphones. If you are using computer / Netbook to register online, simply just visit, select register and follow the instructions on the screen.    

How To Set Up Ovi Contacts

To ensure your email address book is always up to date with your contacts/ details, you are able to apply  Ovi Contacts with Ovi Mail. First, you must login to your ovi account and select the contacts tab along the top of the page. You will need to select your device from the drop-down menu. After that press Next and enter your phone number and also timezone. You will then receive device settings and will have to enter the PIN number provided on the Ovi website.

Once your phone is registered you will have to sync your phone to ovi contacts. Do this by choosing Menu on your Nokia phone, then sync. Choose the new sync profile then select synchronise from the Options menu. Note that this feature is available only on selected Nokia device.

I am really like the fact that Nokia has released a setup app and also simplified the webmail interface, this is important from both usability and user satisfaction as Nokia Ovi Mail service has more than 1 million users today. Some of the most popular devices for accessing Ovi Mail include the Nokia 2330 Classic, the 2630 and 5310 XpressMusic. Today though Ovi Mail is supported by over one hundred different Nokia models, include S60 devices such as the Nokia N97.

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