Monday, January 31, 2011

What is Ovi Mail ?

Do you know what Ovi mail meaning is? Ovi mail is free email service from nokia and can be used either on your nokia device or via web. Ovi Mail will sync between its webmail interface and the Nokia handset in your pocket, so you’re always within reach of your email. The service was launched as a beta in 2008 and opened up to all ovi users in 2009. Ovi mail currently boasts more than 14 million activations and more than 80 percent of global users access the service from a mobile device.

If you already have an Ovi account, you are able to access your mail account on your computer or netbook. To access it on your phone, you need to configure Ovi Mail using the setup wizard on your Nokia smartphone. To access Ovi Mail on your Computer, just visit Ovi mail has features top end spam and antivirus protection, so you can be confident that your device and computer will always be safe and secure. You will also receive up to 1 GB of storage when you sign up, so you can keep your contacts and important emails in check.

If you tap on the Options tab when you are creating a new email message, you can add attachments, change the priority and add Bcc and Cc fields, use template, etc. If you tap on Ovi mail tab, you can view your folders: inbox, sent,outbox and any other folders you have set up. You can read article how to set up ovi mail in last post. The option pop-up menu on this screen allows you to make a new email, synchronise your ovi mail account or adjust the settings. Watch this video about Ovi mail and also a bit tutorial how to set up ovi mail on your nokia phone.

Finally I want to say Ovi Mail is an email service from Nokia. Unlike some existing email accounts now where when making should be through a PC, Ovi Mail account can be made directly through the phone with ease and a more exciting again, this service is free.

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