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Nokia N8 Specifications and Review

Nokia N8 Specifications, Price and Review- Nokia Smartphones, the nokai N8 is the first device to run on symbian^3 and its pretty spectacular, redefining Nokia as a modern smartphone manufacturer. Not only is the operating system now but so is the user interface, the approach to design and the camera technology. The Nokia N8 isn’t the smallest device to hit the market-at 113.5x59.1x12.9mm, its shorter than Apple’s iPhone 4, but also slighty thicker. In use, though, this is not an issue at all- it slides seamlessy into the pocket.

Size aside, the Nokia N8 is a sleek device. There is little on the front to detract from the touchscreen and all the buttons you need are placed around the sides. On the right-hand side, you will find the volume keys, screen lock slider and camera button. The lef-hand side includes the SIM Card and microSD card slots.

Is it looks like the iPhone? 

Honestly I want to say that in reality on the outside view, this phone is going to remind us of the iPhone. N8 bring high-resolution screen, 640 x 320 pixels (nHD) with AMOLED screen. Sounds familiar to you? Yes, this specification is the same specification belonging to some new touch screen multimedia phone. Such as Samsung Galaxy S.

From the brightness of the image, Nokia N8 look equal, but on the density of the iPhone far exceeds the image quality N8. Not as usual, Nokia sealing the battery in the casing closed. Like the iPhone, during this time, the mechanism is quite difficult when the phone was taken away, because we are not given the discretion to provide back-up battery.

As an impact, Simcard house which is usually placed under the battery is now migrated to the side with hotswap mechanism. This means we can get out-put without having to turn off the phone. Slot used in addition to the memory card slot. Well this one is a major advantage because it allows us to add N8 memory space as you wish.

The most interesting is the presence of multitouch capability, or whatever the name given by Nokia, which resembles the way users interact with the screen of his iPhone. The same is often done HTC for some premium products, both from the stronghold of Android and Windows Mobile.By this feature, we can do browsing, zoom in and out just by pinching the screen, and many more usability.

Amazing Camera 

Nokia renowned expert in this field. Providing the best camera with the calculation power demand and put the features that suit the needs. With a 12 megapixel camera resolution, then there is practically no other product that can compete on the N8 camera resolution. Now, how about the quality?

Though hardly perfect, Nokia is good enough to prepare all things to support the work of most high-resolution camera. In order to maintain the quality, the Nokia deliberately put Xenon flash type, complete with a sensor that is accurate, then with a typical optical Carl-Zeiss lens and adequate software support.

With Xenon flash, this camera can take pictures in dark conditions. The result can be practically equivalent to a digital pocket camera with the same resolution. So, if you like to hang out at night. Or attend a school reunion at night, Nokia N8 is great smartphone for you. No need to carry two devices at once. Simply phone like this instead.

The same capabilities that I’ve felt in Sony Ericsson K800i. Similarly, you do not have to worry about the effect of 'red eye', because this phone (Nokia N8) already has a red-eye reduction. Optik Carl Zeiss, which so far (in the older Nokia products) has not been seen by our prowess, is now accelerates well. Whether because of the amount of 12-megapixel resolution is the most fitting for a Carl Zeiss optics, or indeed because of its supporting features that are 'compact'.

Shooting modes are provided by a qualified variation. It's like a digital pocket camera. And when I try with these modes, shooting so much fun. Such as face detection, close-ups (macro), and so forth.  To view the photo quality as good as anything produced by Nokia N8, I do zooming 100% on computer screens and mobile screen. And I am really satisfied with most photo generated. Especially at the focal point photo. As we know the focal ratio of this camera using the F2.8. That is the standard lens aperture in camera phones, which provide a focal point quite extensive. But with this value, the background behind the focus is going to look attractive.

Nokia N8 Specification and Review: HD Video, Recorder and Player

Nokia N8 also has the spirit of High Definition. With a 16:9 screen ratio or class with wide-screen televisions on the market, the Nokia N8 also capable of displaying HD components with similar experiences.

But not just be a player, apparently the Nokia N8 also provides HD recorder. Hmmm, I think its not a surprising feature indeed, especially when N8 comes after several other phones provide the same features. Even a former classmate iPhone4 slightly closed to this problem.

HD video recorders capable of producing films with a resolution of 720p MP4 format. Interestingly, we could directly show us the video recordings to the big screen TVs with HDMI connections. Nokia N8 already provides special adapters for this purpose. So, you no longer need a computer, video player HDnetwork HD like a tank, or television that can run the MP4.

And what about the video player. as mentioned above, this is not a difficult thing to N8. The phone is able to run a MP4 video file format (H.264 720p, 30 fps, maximum). If you have a HD MP4 files and not sure whether his framerate in accordance with the carrying capacity of the phone, you should use the default PC software to convert or at least the early introduction of the media.

Nokia N8 Specification and Review: Portable Music Player

Until this heading, we already know that N8 has a high resolution camera, brand-new OS, a friendly design with the function of the media, and HD capability. And what about the standard features of this Nokia multimedia phone? Surely Nokia Music Player became the mainstay.

Yes, in addition to the camera, this phone is staying as a brand-new portable music device that Nokia released. Ability player practically equivalent to the previous product, because it still uses the same music features. It's just that there are a few additions such as the equalizer is better.

Do not expect much on the speakers built-in phone, since only be channeled through a funnel at the bottom of the camera lens. Although fast, the audio is not well defined. Use a headset or the built-in 3.5 mm headset third party you trust.

As a bonus, Nokia provides a free download songs legally. Both the local and international artists. Much like the Nokia X6. But you must use the WiFi to download it without a hitch. Ha ha…

Nokia N8 Specification and Review: Internet and Video Streaming 

This phone has been equipped with complete data path and capable. There is already up to 10 mbps HSDPA, EDGE, GPRS and WiFi additional lane. We can make quick browsing, including video sreaming enjoyed on mobile phones. Default Nokia Browser is also good. Because the Nokia N8 already support the view Flash 10.1, plus the controlling fingers like multitouch, we can make browsing easy. Whether in landscape or portrait position.

Nokia N8 Specification and Review: Social Network 

As usual, Nokia brings a new feature Social Network, yes we can put together several features of Social Network in one application such as Facebook, Twitter, Ovichat and so forth. With Widget that carries the same function, and then we can control it via the Homescreen.
Nokia N8 Specification and Review: GPS and Navigation 

This feature has been regarded as a standard feature the latest. But in his position on a Nokia device, then this means you get free GPS receiver, the Nokia maps (OVI MAPS) for  free, and navigation systems for cars and pedestrians free. You only need a few minutes to activate these features. Includes download the appropriate language support.
Nokia N8 is the best camera phones we have reviewed. Judging from the results of shooting in low light, near and far distances, such ancillary features Xenon flash is able to work in accordance with the requirement without producing images that are too bright. Especially if we look at the price it offers.
Even with HD features and multiple capabilities around networking, Internet and productivity, then this a multimedia phone it's capable of doing anything. Unfortunately a number of problems still found in the hardware acceleration, and internet reception less than perfect.


  • 12-megapixel Camera
  • WiFi b / g
  • Xenon Flash
  • Music player
  • HD recorder
  • HD player
  • HDMI TV out
  • Multitouch
  • 3.5 mm connector
  • FM Transmitter
  • Anodized Aluminium Casing
  • Dual charging port
  • Internal Storage 16 Gb

  • The location of the speakerphone is not strategic
  • Video player is limited to a certain framerate
  • HSDPA receiver unstable
  • When we turn off the automatic sensor feature, then apply to all sessions, including photo albums and SMS

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