Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nokia Bubbles: Innovation Touch Control for Symbian Devices

Nokia Bubbles: Innovation Touch Control for Symbian Devices-Nokia Smartphones, nokia beta labs have just released an interesting experiment application named Bubbles. With this application control over Symbian handset will be fun because it is displayed in the bubbles and not rigid as before. Control of these bubbles can be used to unlock the handset lockdown and quickly help users perform various operations on the handset with a fun way.

When the phone with Bubbles in locked mode, the user can select the "apps" to display a group of air bubbles that work as shortcuts like to open an application or view recent calls. When users move a bubble to a lock icon in the middle of the screen then the phone will open and perform the desired operation.

Bubbles to view missed calls for example, has two points of interest that is to listen to voice calls and only to call back. While other bubble displays the Profiles menu, music player, contacts, etc. in a different way than usual. One could even say almost all operations in the handset can be controlled from this Bubbles. If you want to try nokia bubbles, just visit nokia beta labs.

To learn more about how Bubbles work, consider the following video:

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