Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nokia E7 Smartphone is Most Important Nokia 2011?

Nokia E7 Smartphone is Most Important Nokia 2011?- Nokia Smartphones, nokia E7 has been launched and became available in some countries starting this week (from a previously scheduled for release last year). So if the launch is considered to be late? At least Nokia E7 is the latest flagship Nokia Smartphone output.
Nokia E7 Smartphone is Most Important Nokia 2011?
No wonder when Nokia expect a lot of phones based on Symbian ^ 3, Nokia expects the launch of Nokia E7 could help him regain the smart phone market is down, falling to 31% in the last quarter of 2010 and was defeated by Android phone.

Senior official at Nokia has said his statement in the following quote, "Nokia E7 is the most important models from Nokia for this year and is expected to sell well as expected."

Unfortunately there is no further explanation about how the expected sales target successfully achieved Nokia E7 for this year. Many doubted the mobile phone can be sold more than 10 million units seen many Android smart phone is also a tempting coming soon this year (2011).

Plus the price of Nokia E7 is considered to be too expensive, in Finland sells for € 600 or about $ 818. Can Nokia E7 bring back the glory of Nokia who started missing? Give your comments below.

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