Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to Download New Widgets Using Ovi Store

How to download new widgets using ovi store- Nokia Smartphones, what is Ovi Store? Ovi Store content will range from widgets, applications and games to videos and podcasts for nokia smartphone. For example, you can download nokia internet radio apps for your phone.

The nokia N8 comes with a wide range of preloaded widgets to ensure everything you want to access quickly is within a finger tap, but you can also add many more, depending on what you’re interested in. To add a new widget, tap and hold the homescreen to take you to edit screen and select an empty space. You will then be taken  to add widget screen.

If you want to add new widgets, you will have to download them from the ovi store. Tap on the icon at the top of the widget catalogue screen and you will be asked to log into the ovi store. Once you have done this, there are thousands of widgets you can download, from ones to show you the weather on your homescreen, to RSS feeds, image uploads and even some that show you exactly how much battery you have left on your phone.

To download a widget, just tap on the download link and it will automatically be downloaded to your phone, just as if it were an application. When it’s downloaded, you are able to add the widget to your homescreen by selecting it from your widget catalogue.

So find the latest games, applications, videos, ringtones, widgets, etc.  All of the widgets are specially selected for you and your mobile device! Now you can download new widgets using ovi store easily.

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