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Preview Nokia C7: Specs, Features and Accessories

Preview Nokia C7: Specs, Features and Accessories- Nokia Smartphones, in this post I will talk about the price, features and specifications of Nokia C7 in details. The Nokia C7 is one of Nokia’s newest smartphones and its really slim, slender and also sleek. The Nokia C7 is made from premium materials such as glass and stainless steel. There create the device feel solid, if a little heavy. The glass on the screen also attracts a lot of fingerprints, but that can be expected on most touchscreen devices. Below the screen, there are just 3 buttons: the central menu key and a call answer and end button on either side of it.

These may seem like touchscreen buttons, but they are actually hardware buttons. The Nokia C7 runs on Symbian^3, just like the Nokia C6-01, Nokia E7, and Nokia N8, which is massive development from the previous symbian operating system. The Nokia user interface on the Nokia C7 looks impressive overlaid on symbian^3. Coupled with the responsive3.5-inch, 360x640 pixel screen, you can be certain you are going to enjoy the experience, whether you are viewing photos, video or using Ovi Maps.

Nokia C7 Mobile Features and Specifications
•    Company Nokia
•    Product Mobile
•    Series C-series
•    Model C7
•    Music and Video player
•    Stereo speakers
•    3.5-mm headphone jack
•    Bluetooth device
•    Zoom function
•    Dual-LED flash
•    Web browser
•    3.5-inches touch screen display
•    8 megapixel camera

Sutle haptic feedback lets you understand when you have touched the screen. You are able to zoom in and out by using pinch-to-zoom, while the size of the screen means that browsing the web using nokia’s preinstalled browser is a smooth experience. Nokia’s new device features a redesigned messaging interface for text messages. This allows you to keep up with your messaging history with any of your contacts using the threaded messaging screen. Your side of the conversation and your contacts are shown in different colours, so you can clearly see who has said what.

There is also an alternative of keyboards when typing messages. You can either use the alphanumeric mode or the QWERTY keyboard, which appears when you turn the nokia C7 round to a landscape view. We prefer the latter for speedy typing, but the alphanumeric keyboard is spacious enough. The browser allows you to perform many of the same tasks as you can on a computer’s browser, such as adding bookmarks, watching flash videos or animations, finding words on a page and subscribing to RSS feeds.

The Nokia C7 includes 8 GB of internal memory, so there is plenty of space for your music and photos. There is also a microSD card slot that will expand your phone’s memory to an impressive 40GB by adding a 32 GB microSD memory card. The 3.5 mm headphone jack means you can plug in your favourite earphones to listen to your tunes. The Music Player is simple to use and you can even control songs from the homescreen using the music widget.

You will also get a cool decent 8 megapixel camera on the rear of the Nokia C7, complete with a dual  LED flash. As with other Nokia Symbian^3 devices, there is a photo and video editor on board so you can fine-tune your photo and video clips without transferring them to computer. The Nokia C7 features 3 homescreens, each of which can be customized with up to six widgets. You can choose from the preinstalled widgets on your device or download more using the Ovi Store. Available apps include RSS news feeds, whether forecasters and a host of other useful programs, all of which will appear dynamically on your homescreen. We experienced on jitters, crashes, or jerks when swipping between the three homescreens or switching applications using the multitasking functionality. This could be in part because nokia has installed a powerful 680MHz ARM 11 processor with 3D Graphics accelerator, but it could also be because the company has decided to polish the Symbian^3 operating system a little bit more before sending it out into the wild. Either way, we are pretty impressed.

The Nokia C7 is really capable phone and should be considered if you are searching for an all-rounder. With a lots of storage, fantastic social networking and multimedia capabilities along the symbian^3 IU all presented in a sleek and sexy casing, the Nokia C7 is a great device.

The Nokia C7 Accessories

There are two accessories that you can use for your C7. There are Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-217 and Nokia Carrying Case CP-519. The nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-217 features the always Ready feature, so it automatically comes to life and connects as soon as you pick it up from the holderand similarly turns itself off when it is replaced in its holder. Audio quality is great; meaning those at the other end of the phone need not know you are on hands-free. DSP noise cancellation is also on the menu to aid call clarity. With 5 hours talktime and up to 3 months’ standby when not use, the BH-217 also supports multipoint for connecting to two devices simultaneously.

The Nokia C7 has a large touchscreen and a sleek, stainless steel casing, and you will need a stylish case to go with it. The Nokia Carrying Case CP-522 comes with a removable phone strap and is available in black, brown, or red.
 Source Reference: Rachael Day, The Nokia Smartphone Guide Magazine
Nokia C7 is the latest mobile of Nokia comes with outstanding features and affordable price. Nokia C7 is a global GSM phone which suits to the need to of the youths who want multiple facilities in a single device. Next post, I will review again Nokia C7 with more details.

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