Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nokia N8 Can Controls Your Dream House

Video Nokia N8 Can Controls Your Dream House- Nokia Smartphones, last day I visited youtube to find a information about new applications in Nokia N8. I was lucky there because I got many update technology apps using Nokia N8. Here is one of video that show us that Nokia N8 Now Controls Your Dream House. You can watch that there are some students in a Chinese University have made a completely automatic house. In fact, this whole project cost them 3 months, and 120, 000 Yuan (its about $1,8000 USD). The space in the container are just nine square meters, but it has everything that’s need for modern human’s daily life, which even including a wind turbine generator system to produce electricity.

So let’s check out Smart House in video ! Here the Nokia N8 controls none other than an internally transforming Smart House. And the most amazing part is that the automatic system is controlled by an app that combines 8600 line codes running on Nokia N8 via Wi-Fi. How cool to have a smarthouse that can be controlled by smartphone, Nokia N8.  Don’t believe it? You can watch yourself then in the following video.
“It’s not technology, it’s what you do with it”

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