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Preview Nokia C6-01: Key Fatures and Accessories

Preview Nokia C6-01: Key Features and Accessories-Nokia Smartphones, the Nokia C6-01 was just one of the symbian^3 devices nokia launched at Nokia World in London in September 2010. Its smart all-rounder that tricks all the boxes, whether you are looking for multimedia device, a business phone, something to play games on or a home for enough applications to make the C6-01 a true universal device.
The Nokia C6-01 features a 3.2 inch screen and although it may not be as large as the Nokia E7, Nokia N8, or Nokia C7’s, it is  big enough for most purposes.

The screen is Nokia’s ClearBlack Display, which brings richness to every colour. Blacks and darke, meaning colours next to those blacks look clearer and more vibrant. The resolution may not be as high as some, but at 360x640 pixels, its crystal clear and hugely responsive, too. The screen includes a light sensor that detects when the ambient light is too dark or too light for optimum  screen viewing. You can adjust the sensitivity if you don’t feel as though it changes the contrast enough for your liking.

Key Features Nokia C6-01
•    Fast 3G connectivity on both AT&T and T-Mobile
•    Integrated assisted GPS (A-GPS) receiver with free Ovi Maps
•    3.2-inch touchscreen
•    Personalize your home screen
•    8-megapixel camera
•    HD 720p video capture capabilities
•    Digital audio/video player
•    FM radio
•    Ultra-fast Wireless-N Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g/n)
•    Bluetooth connectivity (version 3.0
•    Memory expansion via microSD card slot.
•    340 MB internal memory
•    SMS and MMS messaging
•    Instant messaging
•    Supports e-mail accounts from more than a thousand ISPs
•    Full HTML Web browser
•    Watch YouTube videos 
•    RSS reader feeds
•    Airplane mode

Only the lightest touch with your finger is needed to switch between homescreens, open applications or control games using the screen. In fact, we were able to control the Nokia C6-01 without touching the screen at  all-hovering a finger over the screen was enough. Bellow the screen, there is the menu button in the centre with the call answer and end button on either side. Although these look like touch sensitive keys, they are actually hardware keys, and this is one are where the Nokia C6-01  and Nokia C7 differ.

The Nokia C6-01 is not the lightest device available from Nokia. In fact, for its compact size (103.8x52.5x13.9mm), 131g is in the same league as many larger devices. Some may find this a little weightly, but it feels solid and well built – something that wouldn’t break if you were to drop it. In addition, The Nokia C6-01 features a metallic backplate, so tere’s been no scrimping on materials.

The 8 Megapixel camera produces stunning shots, and the built in photo and video editor means you can get the most out of your multimedia right on your phone. With a dual LED flash, photos are perfectly lit, whether you are in dark room on a sunny day. Touch-to-focus means your photos will always be pin-sharp, too. As with all symbian^3 devices, the Nokia C6-01 features 3 homescreens, each of customized with up to six widgets. You can select from the preinstalled widgets or download more using the Ovi Store. At the buttom of the Nokia C6-01 is a microUSB charging port next to a 3.5 mm headphone jack. One issue we found with having the headphone jack at the buttom of the Nokia C6-01 rather than the top is that your phone has to be upside down in your pocket so the earphone cable reaches your ears.

A whole host of social-networking goodies are included among the preloaded applications on your Nokia c6-01. Nokia’s social feed allows you to see and update all your social-networking updates, status posts and messages in one easy to read application. You can post your status update just to one network or to multiple services. You can easily post photos: just select update your status and tap the photo icon next to the dialog box. You can then choose which media you want to attach to your post. The Nokia C6-01 is a great all-around smartphone. It may have a slighty lower specification than the Nokia C7 but it covers all the bases for a lower price.

Nokia C6-01 Accessories

There are 3 accessories for your nokia C6-01. They are Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-109, Nokia 32GB microSDHC Card, and Nokia Carrying Case CP-509.
  • The Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-109, it gives you the best value for its audio and design.  You can connect up to 2 devices at the same time, such us your mobile phone as well as your PC for internet calls. So you can use it when driving or completing other tasks that need the use of your hands.
  • Nokia 32GB microSDHC Card, it gives you perfect memory card for saves images and music fast.
  • Nokia Carrying Case CP-509, it has been made specifically for the Nokia C6-01 and protects the screen with the a panel on the front. The device is held securely in place with claws around the edges, so it will never fall out.
Source Reference: the nokia smartphone guide magazine 2010
Okay next time I will post my honest review about Nokia C6-01 for more specific.

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