Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Use the Social Network Client

How to Use the Social Network Client-Nokia Smartphones, the integrated client on nokia devices ensures you can send and post statues to your social networking accounts quickly and seamlessly. If you are using  a widget-based device such us the Nokia N8, the Social widget on the homescreen allows you to post status on twitter, facebook or both accounts at the same time.

The Social Widget

The social widget on nokia devices allows you to see a quick snapshot of everything that’s going on in your social-networking world. Once you have signed in, you are going to see a running feed in the widget. If you tap the arrows on the right of the widget, you can view all the recent posts-both your own and those from others-with a tiny twitter or facebook icon in the corner. To see the post in full, tap on the status update. You can refresh the feed manually by scrolling to the refresh icon and tapping it, update your status (see below) or view an overview of your facebook inbox, events and requests.
If you would like to see a complete overview of everything that’s going on, choose all activity to see the status feeds in one place.
Source Reference: the nokia smartphone guide magazine 2010
Updating Your Status 

If you have already signed in, you will see a feed of your contacts showing up in the widget. Tap the down arrow in the widget and scroll to update status. Tap the box and you will be taken to the social application. Enter your text in the text box and tap share. Whenever you only want to update one of your social networks, you will need to open the main menu within the social networking application, then select the account you want to update.

From the twitter app, tap the “ What’s happening’ box and enter your status, followed by update. You can enter URL s and opt to have them shorted automatically within the app if you wish. You can update your status on facebook by opening your facebook account from the main social menu and entering text in the “ What’s on your mind” box.

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