Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to Set Up Chat on Nokia Phone

How to set up and use chat on nokia device,nokia smartphones, nokia devices feature a unified instant messaging application called chat in its Ovi Suit of services and it’s a good method for you to access your IM accounts wherever you are.When you first fire up the chat application, confirm that you want to use the service.

Okay next, you will need to select all the instant messaging services you want to use, whether you only have one or multiple IM accounts. Select continue to sign into your accounts. Chat works on a tab-style layout. The services you use will be listed along the top, so to switch, just tap on the different tabs. Select the services you want to sign into, enter your username and password for each service and you will be up and running.

When you sign into your services, your buddy lists will automatically be imported. Just select an online contact  and start chatting away. You can switch between conversations and IM services using the tabs along the top, and add emoticons into your conversation if you wish.

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