Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 Reasons Why Your Nokia is Running Slow and How to Fix it

Have you ever felt slow performance of your nokia cell phone? Slow running can occur in all brands of mobile phones, this is usually the first sign before the phone starts error. The phone will be hard when accessing the features or when loading the first time in turn on.  There are a lot of factors (reasons) why your nokia phone running slow. The first is a bad file management, many files are saved, too often install and remove a few of applications, which must all relate to the logic unit, what is it?

Logic Unit consists of RAM (Random Access Memory), ROM (Read Only Memory) to the CPU (Central processing units). Just like computers, mobile phones depending on the performance of these components. Slow cell phone more often experienced by mobile phones that use open systems. But there is also a closed-system device having the same problem.

How do you prevent and fix a slow nokia phone?  There are some things that should be done, among others:

1. Your external memory (memory card) can also cause slowness in performance if it is full or if it has become corrupt.  If your phone has an external memory slot, as much as possible not to use too large memory capacity. Indeed we want to buy an external memory to the max even though its use is not up to half. Unfortunately if a large memory is only in use to store files that are not important. So you have to think to adjust to the needs. Remove unnecessary media files and free up the memory.

2. You must manage the files on the phone. Match your existing files into folders created according to the type. For example, music files in the folder "music", photos or pictures in the folder "images" and so on.

3. If you frequently use your nokia phone for browsing the Internet, delete regularly  the cache files and cookies. A cookie is data which is made by the web server and stored in phone memory for later use again at any time.  Example: if you visit a website and then logging on. A few days later you return to these website again  and it was still in a state logged in, this generally caused the cookie files are stored in your web browser or mobile phone. Actually the cache files are also beneficial, because when you're on will open the same page in the future and for its existing cache and stored by the browser, then the same data will be read more quickly, and will load faster as well.  Unfortunately, the cache files and cookies on the phone will be saved in phone memory which has a limited capacity. So that over time will make the phone's performance to be slow.  How to remove it? You can visit your phone's browser, then select the advanced menu, then search for "clear cache" or "delete cookies".

4. You must change the log file storage time as short as possible, such as 1 day. The log file is that stores data records in and out of telephone communication. This method is a little bit hurt because you can not track communications activity.

5. If not needed, disable the security lock code on your cell phone. Because of these features greatly reduce the phone's memory.

6. Viruses are one thing that can significantly hamper the performance of your Nokia Smartphones. Make certain you have got the latest anti-virus installed. Remove the files after using a virus scan option and your device should speed up quickly.

7. For users of Symbian phones (Nokia 3650, 3660, 6600, 6630, 3230, 7610, Series N, and Series E) get rid of bad habits such as pressing the red phone button to exit the feature being used. Because of these features will remain active, try to press the menu button a bit longer just seen the menu what features are still active. Well if you've seen what features are still active, to get out of the feature press the "C".

8.  Nothing wrong if you restart (power off and on again) your phone 2 or 3 times a day. The purpose of doing this is for your nokia phone remains fresh.

9.  If the phone you already seem slow, try to remove the memory card. Then turn on your cell phone without the memory card. If performance is not having problems, it means that your memory card must be in format. But you should back up important data on the card because everything will be erased. For users of Symbian mobile phone, try to format the memory card first, then format phone memory and try again another memory card format. Tips to format phone memory can by pressing * # 7370 # (for symbian old version) and or turn off your phone at the same time press * 03 and then switch on the phone simultaneously.

10. Leave space on your memory card with at least 20 percent of total capacity. If it is full, move those       files on your computer or another phone.               

In addition check again your battery phone. Finally, do you have any solutions to fix the phone that running slow? Feel free to comment bellow.

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