Tuesday, February 1, 2011

16 Creative Ways to Improve the Battery Life On Your Nokia Smartphone

Tips on caring for your Nokia to extend your battery life

Sometimes we often overlook battery maintenance on our cell phones, but this one thing that most vital component in a mobile phone. I have a friend named Lisa that are new to Nokia S60 have been experiencing battery problems with her nokia smartphone. And after I checking her devices, wow I just realized that the problem wasn't the device, was the user ! Okay the following tips how to increase your mobile battery life durable:

1. Turn off the phone. What !!! he he. I mean turn phone off when no network. When you are in an area where your mobile provider has no network,switch off the phone. I recommend you to turn off your phone if you are in a place where is likely to get the signal difficult. If the phone kept active while the phone constantly searching for signals, this will make your phone battery power becomes weak. If your phone has an offline mode, then use it to good effect in such a situation.

2. Turn off one of the voice features that are not important, do not let active throughout the day. You don’t really need keypad tones to be on, do you? You can also set up the ringtone. Low volumes on the ringtones as the louder the ringtone, the shorter the battery life.

3. Do not switch the ringtone and vibration together because simply reduce the battery energy, activate one of them. While at the movies it's good to switch the vibration feature, but when in public places like malls, stations and airports, to enable ringtone can be a better choice. I usually set up a vibrating profile to be used in places like cinema or theatre and in all other profiles I have vibrating turned off.

4. Reduce your phone's screen brightness to 50 or up to 10% if not, the battery is unused for more energy-efficient. not too low, otherwise you will destroy your vision. Nokia’s smartphones light sensor helps adjust your display brightness according to the external lighting conditions, so keep it switched on at all times.

5. Turn off Bluetooth when not in use. For information only, active Bluetooth cell phone battery will reduce energy faster. Check on the top right of your nokia screen, if the Bluetooth logo is there you need to turn it OFF. After that go to Bluetooth and select OFF.

6. Just as Bluetooth, infrared feature also turn off when not in use. It happens a lot of times that after transferring a file via infrared we forget to switch it of. 

7. Turn off other applications that are not used. If you are not using an application switch it off.

8. Put the phone in a normal temperature so that no damage occurs due to temperature is too high or low. For example, do not carry the phone in the car the sun, on a laptop or game console hot temperature.

9. Immediately unplug the charger from the phone if the phone battery is full.

10. Charge the battery was fully and immediately refills your battery if it has run out. Usually, a lot of us tend to charge the battery when it has been used only midway. But this isn't good for the battery as more charge/discharge cycles on the battery means lower battery life. You have to charge the battery only when you're low on power. In addition to, fully discharge the battery once a month to ensure its proper functioning.

11. If you want a durable battery, do not often play games via the phone, listening to mp3, make video calls , photo editing or browsing. All these activities will only speed up your cell phone battery runs out.

12. Set the backlight setting, do not let the flame duration is too long, just 5 to 15 seconds.

13. Make certain the GPS is off. Do not leave Google Maps, Nokia Maps, GPS Data or any other navigation application open. The GPS will be ON and you actually do not need it, this will extend your battery life.

14. You have to check WLAN Scanning is OFF. So if you've your device in your pocket and the WLAN scanning is ON you're just spending battery life. You can turn it ON when you need it.

15. Packet Data must be OFF. You have to set the Packet Data to ”When Needed”. Go to Settings> Connection>Packet Data> and switch to ”When Needed”.

16. Update your Firmware. Every once in a while Nokia releases new firmwares for the phones. The firmware improve most of the time the battery life. You can read here how to update firmware on your nokia phone.

These tips can go a long way to help you increase your battery life. And how about you? How long does your battery last and how often do you use your phone? Have any other tips? Feel free to add tips improve battery life in comments below. 

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