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How to Upgrade Firmware on Nokia Phone - Step By Step Tutorial

Upgrades made to improve the ability of your cell phone. Although the same brand and type of phone, but if different firmware certainly is not the same mobile phone capabilities. Mobile phones with the most recent firmware performance will be better. If you find the phone is often an error, access is felt to slow down, application errors and so forth, immediately upgrade / update your cell phone when new firmware is available.

Upgrade to a particular type is also possible the addition of several features.  For users who want to upgrade cell phone vendors please visit the site. Considering the upgrades are now not only have to be done by authorized service center. Originally stay connected to the Internet, you can do it yourself. Here I use my Nokia N8

For Nokia phones, service upgrades consist of two versions:
1. First, upgrade directly on the phone (Over the Air), these services require a GPRS or Wifi. However, currently only the Nokia specific type that can be upgraded OTA.
2. Second is a service upgrades via a Personal Computer/Notebook/Laptop, by downloading the software updater and upgrade/ update process took place when the software is run. The upgrade process can only be done online.

Okay here step by step how to upgrade/update firmware by Over the Air (OTA)

Note before starting the upgrade steps, please:

  • Make sure the battery is fully charged 
  • Toll for the internet connection should be sufficient / via wifi 
  • Upgrade will erase all data phones. So, first back up your phone data. If you do not know how to back up your nokia smartphones you can read here.
  • Remove the password protect on the Memory Card (if installed) Menu > Tools > Memory > Remove Password 
  • Move / off the memory card (MicroSD) from Your Phone Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Security > Phone and SIM 
  • Set Pin code request: Off
  • Set autolock period: None
  • Return the lock / security code is the default: 12345
  • Remote Lock: No
  • Confirm SIM services: No
  • Uninstall antivirus installed
  • Uninstall software in use phone protection
The steps are:
1. If the latest firmware available, the phone will automatically download the installer. This file is small (about 1-30MB) and costs incurred depending on the service you use (preferably unlimited)
2. After successfully download, a box will appear. Install the firmware, press More> Install. This process will take about 5 to 15 minutes.
3.When the process dies (he he he) and after that the phone will restart with the latest firmware.
4. Next will come the confirmation that the upgrade is complete. But if you want to upgrade at a later time you can save the installer while in the phone memory.

Okay here step by step how to upgrade/update firmware via Personal Computer/Notebook/Laptop:
PC/Notebook/Laptop with minimum requirements :
  • Operating system Windows 2000 (SP4 or later) or Windows XP (SP1 or SP2) or Windows Vista
  • Memory 256 MB RAM
  • Processor Intel ® Pentium ® 4, 1.0 GHz or higher
  • Internet Connection
  • USB Port
  • USB data cable to a compatible phone
Read first: Upgrade will erase all data phones. So, first back up your phone data before doing the upgrade.
The steps are:
1. Download Nokia Software Updater in www.nokia.co.uk/A4226014
2. Select the type of phone that would be upgraded, if you do not find your nokia phone, it means your nokia phone can not be to upgrade.
3. This page you will download the Nokia Software Updater, you can find the exe file size 16 MB.
4. After a successful download, install and run the software on the PC.
5. Now connect phone with PC using data cable. Do not forget to connect the phone with a charger to avoid cell phone battery runs out during the upgrade process runs or battere must be FULL.
6. Press the 'Start'.
7. Select the profile 'General' and then press the 'Next'.
8. Nokia Software Updater will identify the phone and look for the latest updater available.
9. If your phone firmware is the latest then upgrade process will not run.
10. Conversely, if the latest firmware available, the Nokia Software Updater will start the upgrade process.
11. Wait until the confirmation that the upgrade is complete.

Finnish..You can choose upgrade firmware via Over The Air (OTA) or via PC. Is up to you, friends.

(NEW UPDATE) Firmware Update via Nokia Ovi Suite
Download the latest version of Nokia Ovi Suite Nokia Europe (note the system requirements)
Download Here
Start Ovi Suite> Tools> Software Updates.
It measures the same as the PC Suit (just follow the commands in the OVI suite)

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