Thursday, February 17, 2011

Music Application List on Nokia Smartphones

Music Application List on Nokia Smartphones, Music applications on your nokia phone are not just limited to the tools that come with your device, you can also download a lot of music apps from nokia ovi store. Okay here are a few of my favorite music apps:

a.  Tune Wiki
Tune Wiki is so much more than a music player for your nokia phone, it’s also an application that allows you to sing along with your favorite tunes too. As you listen to your music, subtitled lyrics will appear over the cover art on the phone’s screen. You can search for more than 2.5 million music tracks in over 40 languages and using the music maps you can see what your friends are listening to, too. Cool right? Other features include the ability to create playlists, a song search and facebook and twitter integration, along with top 50 charts so you will always be up to date with what’s hot.

b. Midomi
midomi is a music matching service for nokia smartphones. Simply by pressing the orange button in the program, you can find out what the track playing in the background is. Midomi will tell you what the tune is whether you’re singing into your phone, listening to the radio or humming a sound. Once you have discovered what the track is, why not share it with your friends so they can sample your music taste too?

c. Dance Fabulous
Dance fabulous is a game for nokia device that integrates with your nokia music library. You can customize your own avatar, choose a song from your music library and start your character dancing to beat.

d. Artist Apps (Rihanna)
Nokia has partnered with renowned R n B artist Rihanna to bring the star’s music to her fans. The come get Rihanna app from the Ovi Store offers fans exclusive news, videos, photos, tracks, and themes. Essentially you will be getting your favorite music star on your nokia smartphones.

e. Gig Finder
Nokia Gig finder helps you get gigs in local area based on the music you like and the location. The application features an Easy search tool that guides you quickly find the best concerts and other music events near you. You can search by artist, genre, city, venue, specific date,etc. Direct links allow you to buy tickets using a range of different vendors, while smart recommendations give you recommendations or live events and venues based on your music taste and location. You can see where the event using get directions and share the event using facebook, SMS , or Twitter.

f. Shazam
Shazam is another music recognition service and is available across a range of devices. Whether you’re trying to identify a song from the TV, radio, or in club, phone up to the speaker. Shazam will indetify the tune and come back with a whole load of information about the artist and the album and you will also have the opportunity to download the song or album straight to your nokia smartphone.

g. Music Explorer (Music Store RSS) 
Music explorer is a music store RSS feed that lets you quickly search the Music Store and keep the track of the top 5 tracks in your favourite genre. A number of nokia devices including the Nokia N97 support the homescreen widget too, so you can take a quick look at what’s new from the music store at a glance.

h. Mood Agent Playlist DJ
Mood Agent Playlist DJ helps you create instant playlists on your nokia smartphone to suit your mood. Its attractive interface makes this process as easy as possible, just use the onscreen sliders to mix and match your music. Mood Agent Playlist DJ automatically analyses and profiles your entire music collection too, so you can just select one song and the app will do the rest. If you are felling brave, why not share your playlists with friends on your facebook.

There are eight music applications that my favourite. So you can search some other music apps on your nokia smartphone. 

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