Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to Use Radio on Nokia Smartphone

How to Use Radio on Nokia Smartphone- Last post, I posted about stream music to radio using the fm transmitter, now I will post about how to use the radio on your nokia phone. Most of nokia devices include a radio that allows you to any station while you are on the move. You can even make and receive calls while listening to the radio, although the sound will pause so it will not disturb your conversation.

Like a conventional radio, you are able to only listen to a station when your phone has access to a radio signal, so it will not work underground or anywhere else where the signal is weak. You will get the radio application in the applications folder of your nokia smartphone. To active the radio, you will have to connect a cable headset to your nokia device that includes the FM radio aerial. A suitable headset comes packaged with all nokia devices. Once you have done this, you can select a radio station by navigating to its frequency, or you can set the phone to scan for available radio stations automatically.

To scan for networks, just tap the forward or back icon in the toolbar and the radio app will search for the next available radio station. If you want to listen the radio using the speaker, select options and active the loudspeaker. You are going to need to keep your headset connected to ensure that your phone can still receive a radio signal.

You can save radio stations to your station list or favorite menu if you do not want to scan for networks if you use the radio. You are going to get the options in the settings menu, where you can also move radio stations up and down the list to change priority.

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