Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tips Using the FM Transmitter on Nokia

Tips Using the FM Transmitter on Nokia- Nokia Smartphones, a few nokia devices feature an FM transmitter so you can stream your music collection to a radio. Whether you are in the car or want to listen to your music out loud. Before you begin using the FM transmitter in your device, you will have to turn it on and set the frequency to one you can match on your stereo.

To adjust the settings on your nokia device, you are going to need to find the fm transmitter controls within the settings > connectivity menu. Tap the status to on and adjust the frequency so it’s set to a frequency that doesn’t have any radio stations registered to it. This is preset to 90.00, although this maybe different depending on where you live. 

Next turn on your stereo and tune in to the same frequency to which you have set your phone. Open up the nokia music player on your phone, tap options and select FM transmitter. You are able to adjust the settings here, too. The Music should start streaming to your stereo. Whenever the transmitter does not work, try these troubleshooting tips:

1.  The transmitter only works within two meters of the receiving stereo, so move closer if you are too far away.
2. Obstructions such as other electronic devices can interfere with the signal. Ensure there’s a clear path between your phone and stereo.
3. Whenever the sound is not very clear, try changing the frequency on your phone and the stereo by a little bit. The further away the frequency is from an operating radio station, the better. 

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