Monday, February 14, 2011

How To Transfer Music/Songs Nokia

How to transfer music/songs from PC (Computer) to Nokia- Nokia Smartphones, transferring music from your computer to your nokia phone can be a hassle with a few applications, but Nokia Ovi Player and Ovi Music create getting the tracks you want where you want them incredible quick and easy. Nokia Ovi player and ovi music make it simple to download and transfer music to your Nokia Phone, ensuring your music collection is always up to date. Whenever you want to select music you have on your nokia phone, simply just plug your phone into your computer and open the nokia ovi player application on your PC.

On your phone, select the transfer media mode when asked. You are going to see your phone show up in the left-hand pane of the application. Your music collection will also appear in the application. All you then need to do is select the tracks you want to transfer to your phone and drag and drop them on to your phone’s icon.
You can add a number of different devices- For example, two nokia phones- if you want to transfer music/songs between them without adding them to your PC’s music collection.

You can Make Auto-Transfer From PC to Your Nokia

The other method to transfer music is by setting up auto-transfer,so you do not have to drag and drop every track. Beware, though- it may be that your music/ songs collection is larger than available space on your phone. If that is the case, not all your tracks will be transferred to your nokia smartphone. To set up auto transfer on the Ovi Player, select Edit > Options > Auto-Transfer within the Nokia Ovi Player application. Here, you can modify the settings, including:
  • Setting the application to Auto-Transfer mode so that your music will be transferred if you plug your nokia phone into your computer.
  • Setting songs you have purchased from Ovi Music to transfer during Auto-Transfer.
  • Selecting which songs you want to transfer automatically from your music collection to your device.
  • Selecting any playlists you want to Auto-Transfer.
More information about Nokia Music at:, Nokia Music Store:  Next post we wil give you the detail how to transfer music/songs  from pc to nokia c6, c7,c5,c3 with the video.

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