Monday, February 14, 2011

7 Interesting Facts Nokia-Microsoft Collaboration

7 Interesting Facts Nokia-Microsoft Collaboration- Nokia Smartphones, nokia has chosen Windows Phone 7 (WP7) as the primary OS for smartphones in the future. However, these mobile phone is not had no consequences at all. According to the Times of India, there are 7 summary / key points about the partnership Nokia and Microsoft you must to know, see below:

1. Nokia and Microsoft Combine Assets

Nokia and Microsoft combine assets to develop and market mobile products.
Nokia to pay license the use of WP 7. In return, Microsoft is investing in marketing and development of mobile phones. License agreement is considered complicated because some Nokia technology will be embedded in WP 7, such as navigation and map features.

2. Exchange of Technology

Nokia gives brands more superior in the world of smartphones, mobile devices, embedded applications store in Windows 7 Phone Marketplace and technology map. While contributing to the software Microsoft Windows 7 Phone, Bing, Xbox Live and Office software.

3. Nokia Make Two Mobile Development Division

Along with the announcement of using WP 7, Nokia said it will make two special units of mobile phone development. Two units referred are Smart Devices division (now led by Jo Harlow) and the Mobile Phones division.

4. Symbian and MeeGo Not Removed

The arrival of Windows 7 Phone will not get rid of the original OS Nokia, the Symbian and MeeGo. However, both are just so complementary because of WP 7 is the primary OS for your Nokia smartphone.

5. Nokia Reducing Research and Development Budget

Nokia intend to reduce expenditure on research and development. Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, stated that this division of funds four times more than what Apple released and largely directed to Symbian. With WP 7 so the main platform, trimming the budget in this area is reasonable.

6. Nokia will cut workers

Nokia said it would have reduce number of workers at Nokia, which will be conducted in various parts of the world, including Finland. However, Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, not sure how many employees are laid off and in any part.

7. Nokia has not Choose Android Yet

Stephen Elop claimed to have intensive discussions with Google about Android adoption. The last rumor, Nokia possible use android in 2012In the end Nokia judge will find it hard to distinguish its products from manufacturers other Android already has experience. On the other hand, Google is also strong in the area of service map and Ovi Nokia Maps do not want to be ignored. As a result, Nokia also canceled Android adoption.

Whatever the chosen OS that Nokia, which obviously will bring new flavors on Nokia smart phones later. Just wait for its presence in the near future, at least in this year's consumer gadgets will be able to taste the Nokia phones with Microsoft's mobile OS is.

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