Monday, February 14, 2011

Nokia Ovi Player For PC

Nokia Ovi Player For PC- Nokia Smartphones, nokia has recently released  an updated version of its software Nokia Ovi Player for users of mobile devices of its production. Nokia Ovi player is a free application for your PC (Personal Computer) that allows you to download, organize, play and synchronise your music with your nokia smartphones. Just as with iTunes and windows media player, you can make playlists, download music, rip your CDs and get recommendations from others based on your existing music collection. For instance, you can read nokia n8 music features

Ovi Music

The Nokia ovi player is your gateway to downloading music to your PC and syncing seamlessly to your Nokia Device. Nokia Ovi Music, Nokia’s music download service, offers you the opportunity to buy millions of music tracks from all the major labels, including those in the top 40 charts, specialist genres and from ready-created playlists. You can buy prepaid credit or pay per track or album that you download. If you have an unlimited download subscription from Ovi Music, you can automatically download an unlimited number of music tracks for one year. 


As with the most music-management programs, you can make playlists really easily on nokia ovi player for pc. To add tracks to a new playlist, just drag and drop them from your library into a playlist folder. You are able to make as many playlists as you like to suit different moods, whether you want to make a playlists for working out, a party or for chilling out. There’s also a “drag and drop” function to sync direct to your phone from your PC. 


The Nokia Ovi Player for PC also recommends music to help you select tracks based on your preferences.

Adding Music From iTunes or a CD

Adding your music to the Nokia Ovi Player is seamless. Simply just insert a CD and wait for the database to search to identify album tracks, artists and songs. If the album information can’t be found, you can add it manually. Then hit “Rip CD” and you are done. To add tracks straight to your device from a C, insert the CD, connect to your phone and drag the music tracks you want transferred onto the phone icon that appears within Ovi Player.

Nokia Ovi Player’s iTunes import function lets you sync all the music from your iTunes account with Ovi so you can sync your whole music collection with your nokia smartphones. You can also import your playlists, saving your time, and ensuring that you always have your favourite music with you on the move. The most greatest innovation in the Ovi Player was the opportunity to transfer music and play lists from iTunes on a desktop PC to your Nokia. We will update it next post.

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