Monday, February 14, 2011

Nokia Ovi Music and Ovi Music Unlimited Explained

Nokia Ovi Music and Ovi Music Unlimited Explained- Nokia Smartphones, create your ideal music collection with unlimited free songs from Ovi Music. Ovi  Music is nokia’s music download service. Ovi music was launched in 2007 and features music from sony music entertainment, Universal Music, EMI Music, Warner Music and Independent Labels. You can download tracks directly to your phone or online using your Personal Computer (PC). In my opinion, there are 3 benefits Ovi Music, they are Easy to find music, Easy to go mobile, and also easy to download.

Nokia Ovi Music

Dowloaded tracks from ovi music can be played across all MP3- compatible devices because they are DRM-freeMP3 files. This popular file format is compatible with the vast majority off today’s digital music players and computers. Ovi Music supports a range of ou have more browsers, including internet explore, firefox , safari, and google chrome, so you can download the music you want to listen to whichever browser you are running. If you have an electic taste in music, Ovi Music is the destination for you. Currently it includes more than 11 million tracks, covering, international million tracks, covering international superstars to lesser-known local bands, so there is something for everyone and you can download until your heart’s content.

Whenever you are not certain what to download next, you can get music recommendations from professionals using ovi music ‘s recommendation engine. Whether you are into pop, dance, classical, or you’ve more obscure music tastes, the recommendation engine will suggest you something you are sure to like. Ovi music also features artist pages, where you can see a special performer’s albums and singles releases as well as find music that’s sounds similar to that artist. You can also take a look at other hands you might like based on the music other users have looked for.

Ovi Music Unlimited explained

There are two ways you can access music on Ovi Music: either “a la carte” or by buying an Ovi Music unlimited download subscription. Buying music “a la carte” means that each track and album is priced individually. That means you have to pay for each track or album you want to download.
Music services and features may vary by country
The great thing is that these tracks are DRM-free MP3 downloads, so you can play or transfer your music onto any device. Ovi Music Unlimited allows you to download unlimited music at no extra cost for a whole year. When you active your unlimited music subscription all the prices disappear. You can transfer and play your downloaded music on one registered PC as well as your mobile.

To begin using Ovi Music Unlimited, you will need an Ovi Music Unlimited edition phone and then you will be able to begin downloading music straight from the box. When your subscription ends, the music is yours to keep forever and if you want to download even more, then you can do so using the Ovi Music “a la carte” service.

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