Sunday, February 20, 2011

Personalizing Your Ovi Maps on Nokia

Personalizing your ovi maps- Nokia Smartphones, in addition to map downloads, Nokia’s ovi suit can be used to download voice files for voice guidance in drive and walk navigation. Just select “ Voice Guidance Languages”. Hit download and you’re away. Turn by turn directions are great for helping you get from A to B smoothly, but they are not ideal when the voice guiding you is in a different language as it may mean you are concentrating more on working out what the last world instruction meant rather than on the road ahead. 

Thankfully, Ovi Maps can serve up voice guidance instructions in almost 50 languages. Just visit the nokia ovi suit for a list of supported languages, then simply download the one you want and you are ready to roll.
If you want to make things a bit more interesting, the own voice app could help. You can download this application from the ovi store. This practical navigation aid is also a whole lot of fun. It lets you record and share your own voice prompts as well as using the dulcet tones of your friends and family to help to guide you, too. 

You just need the latest version of ovi maps in order to take advantages of what the app has to offer. At the time off publication, there was a whole host of pre-recorded voice packages to choose from that others have uploaded to the own voice website. Some of our particular favourites include the drill sergeant, who barks orders at you and expects you to obey his every instruction; the racing commentator, who adds that extra bit of excitement to your journey and the hairdresser, whose main aim is to get you to your destination feeling pampered and relaxed.
  • Getting own voice up and running on your handset couldn’t be easier:
  • Check whether your handset is compatible using the widget on the own voice website.
  • Download Ovi maps if you have not already done so
  • Download the own voice app from the ovi store
  • Fire up the own voice app
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions to record your own voice
  • Press stop after each instruction so you know you have got it right
  • Start using your voice recording to help guide you. To get it working, go to ovi maps > settings > navigation > drive guidance and select own voice
  • Share the recording with other users if you want to by uploading it to the website
Okay, now you can practice to personalizing your ovi maps on your nokia smartphones.

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