Monday, February 21, 2011

Microsoft Promises Cheap WP7 on Nokia Phones

Microsoft Promises Cheap WP7 on Nokia Phones- Nokia smartphones, nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, has told Reuters that one of the key topics discussed during a cooperation agreement with Microsoft is that Nokia promised to obtain a very affordable price for Windows-based products Phone 7. Currently own a Windows Phone 7 based device that has been circulating in the market have the minimum specifications that make it hard to reach lower-class market, a market where Nokia is a leader of the mobile market today.
Microsoft by Stephen Elop speak very convincing so Elop on Friday said that the price of smartphones that use Microsoft's Windows platform Phone will go down quickly. Speaking during a meeting with business journalists in Finland, Elop said that Nokia has been very confident that it can do so very quickly.

The existence of this information raises suspicion that the future will have lower specifications established by Microsoft and Nokia for their smartphone products. However, Microsoft and Nokia have been denied the possibility that they will be using old technology such as Half-VGA screen is worth less expensive in upcoming products.

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