Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Find a POI on Your Nokia

How to find a POI- Nokia Smartphones, Point of interest (POI) is an odd term as far as we’re concerned. That’s because when it comes to mapping and exploration, nearly everything is both intriguing and interesting, especially the new stuff. But if you come across a place or venue that particularly excites you, or you think it would be of interest to someone else, it would be rightly termed POI (Point of Interest).

POIs could be street addresses, city/country names or more specific items of note. Ovi Maps boasts 6000 3D landmarks across 200 cities. Items that feature in most places such us shops, restaurants, galleries, hospitals, and airports are symbolized by specific icon on a map. To find a POI (Point of Interest) that’s near you:
  • Open Ovi Maps and tap the search icon.
  • Instead of typing in a destination, simply tap the categories tab.
  • Select the category you want, such as Shopping or Eat and Drink
  • Select the sub category you want, whether to search all or drill down to more specifics if relevant
  • The results will then show a list of POIs relevant to your location and the distance they are from your current location
  • Tap on your chosen POI and it will appear on the map
  • Tap on the POI again and its Place page will open. You can select from the following: Contact, Navigate,Save, Rate, Share or Report.
If you want to find a POI for somewhere else: Tap the search icon and enter a keyword with the name of the city.

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