Monday, February 21, 2011

Preview Nokia C7 Navigation

Preview Nokia C7 Navigation- Nokia Smartphones, The Nokia C7 is a beauty of a device. You can read more about its sleek design and what we think about its abundance of features over on the last post, but for now we would like to focus in on the navigation functionality of the device. Symbian^3 operating system allows the handset to benefit from the 250-plus new features on offer thanks to the fine-tuned operating system. Multitasking is also on the menu, meaning you can run ovi maps in the background while you respond to the email about where exactly that new bar is located without draining your battery life.

Speaking of battery life, the Nokia C7’s BL-5K 1200 mAh Li-Ion battery offers up to 318 minutes’ talktime (WCDMA, or 576 minutes GSM) and up to 555 hour’s standby time ( WCDMA, or 656 hours GSM). Sporting a 3.5-inch, 16:9, high-resolution (640X360 pixels) display that supports 26.7 million colours, map are showcased at their best with fine detail where needed. And despite the full feature set, at 130g the Nokia C7 is still nice and portable, which makes it a perfect travelling companion.

Touchscreen controls are intuitive, with finer gestures such as pinching to zoom, flicking to scroll and tapping to select on offer to help make the map-reading experience all the better. The Nokia C7 also supports the navigation essentials, such as integrated GPS and A-GPS receivers, Ovi Maps as standard with free navigation for driving and walking, Wi-Fi network positioning and a compass and accelerometer.Its also tightly integrated with social networks, so as well as getting live updates from facebook and twitter you can share your location and arrange to meet up with friends in the vicinity.

The Nokia C7 has 3 homescreens, allowing you to personalize your user experience (Read personalize ovi maps on nokia smartphones). From a navigation standpoint, this also means you can put the apps that matter most to you closest to your heart, or in the case your device. You could have different homescreens for work, play and holiday time, for example. If all that was not enough, when you are out, and about exploring places and meeting new people, the Nokia C7 offers something more to help while away the hours spent travelling getting from A to B.

In addition to a high-quality music player to entertain you and an 8megapixel camera to help you remember those new sights and settings, you can watch the HD video and listen to music using your car stereo thanks to the built-in FM transmitter. If you are venturing far away or just popping to the next city to meet friends, the Nokia C7 really is the perfect travelling companion.

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