Friday, February 4, 2011

How to Sync Nokia N8 With Gmail Account (Symbian^3)

How to Sync Nokia N8 With Gmail Account (Symbian^3), nokia smartphones, Symbian-based Nokia devices since the beginning has been equipped Ovi Sync. However, this handset user may want to synchronize contacts and storage to your Google. Luckily this time, Symbian ^ 3 devices can synchronize your contacts to your Google account, but unfortunately this does not look easy.

For Gmail users, users of Symbian ^ 3 can directly setup quickly. As for those who have a Google Apps account takes some preparation by going to Google Apps admin page, go to Service Settings > Mobile and select the option Enable Google Sync.

Here's a demo using the Nokia N8 to use this feature, which can also be used for any Symbian ^ 3 device others.
  1. Create a New Mailbox and select the option Mail for Exchange
  2. Enter your login details with option to empty Domains
  3. Press Next until the Mail for Exchange Server option and enter
  4. Finally, select what will be synchronized and completed
Since synchronization can fail, it is advisable to make a backup before doing this.

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