Monday, March 7, 2011

Download Location-Based Applications Free

Download Location-Based Applications Free- Nokia Smartphones, from real time traffic advice to a fun app that lets you personalize your GPS voice, there is a range of useful utilities to help you find your way around. Now, we will show you 3 location-based applications for free:

Ovi Maps With Own Voice

You have heard all about what ovi maps has to offer in this section, so isn’t it about time you tried it for yourself? Its free and easy to download, so do not delay any longer and just visit the Ovi Store to start exploring new places. In addition to free driving and walking navigation and voice guidance, you will also get free local weather information and much more besides.You can read how to download and install application Nokia Ovi Store.

Some navigation tools and services can make an already arduous journey much harder than it needs to be. If you’re tired of listening to the same voice as you drive around, or just want to be entertained while you are finding your way to that new restaurant, own voice could be the answer. Whether it’s your family, friends or one of the many funny voices available, you can use own voice to make and then share your own navigation instructions. You will need the latest version of ovi maps 3.06 . You can check the latest ovi maps here.
Then simply download own voice and away you go. The simply step-by-step instructions make recording guidance incredibly easy and you can even share your recordings and listen to the recordings of others on the own voice website. There’s even an own voice facebook app. You can read more information on using the own voice application in the last post. 

Waze GPS Navigation

If you have ever sat frustrated in a traffic jam wishing you could tell fellow drivers about to set out on the same journey to take a different route, Waze GPS Navigation is the answer. Its social driving and navigation application that makes a link between you and other drivers to offer real time information on maps, hazard, traffic, and police data, as well as providing turn-by-turn guidance.

The manufacturers of this useful tool say that it allows drivers to “build and use real time road intelligence”. We agree. Its users that make this navigation application so great, so get involved!

Wikitude World Browser 

The best way to make unfamiliar surroundings more familiar is to explore them. That’s the exciting part, but where do you start? The wikitude browser could be the solution. It offers information about your surroundings, key landmarks and points of interest by merging content from a variety of sources and making use of argumented reality in addition to traditional map or list views. Information is taken from many different “worlds” of data, including Wikipedia, Twitter, Flickr and other user-generated content.

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